Kate Upson Clark letter to Margherita Arlina Hamm

Biographical and Historical Notes

Kate Upson Clark (1851-1935)

American author and lecturer Kate Upson Clark was born in Alabama in 1851.

Raised in Charlemont, Massachusetts, Upson graduated from Wheaton Female Seminary (now Wheaton College) in 1869. In 1874, Upson married Edward P. Clark.

Kate Upson Clark wrote articles and columns for numerous periodicals including Godey's Magazine and Atlantic Monthly, as well as for several children's magazines. Clark was editor of the Springfield Republican (Massachusetts), Good Cheer Magazine, and eventually the New York Evening Post. Her published books included short stories, a novel, and works for children.

Kate Upson Clark also lectured throughout U.S. on popular, cultural, literary, and political subjects, such as suffrage and temperance. She founded the Brooklyn's Women's Republican Club and taught courses on lecturing at Columbia University.


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Margherita Arlina Hamm (1867- )

Margherita Arlina Hamm, who was among the earliest American female journalists, and perhaps the first one to cover a war from the front lines, was a prolific author of popular books and an active suffragette.

Hamm was born in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Maine, in 1867. After high school Hamm began her career as a reporter for the Boston Herald. By 1890, she had moved to New York, where she did freelance reporting for various newspapers. As a reporter Hamm covered both the Sino-Japanese War and the Spanish-American War from the front lines.

Hamm also wrote articles for popular magazines and eventually became an editor for Peterson's Magazine. Hamm, who was active in the National American Woman Suffrage Association, was listed in the 1895 newspaper article titled, "If Women were Members of Congress," as a potential congressional candidate, along with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.


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Content Description

American writer and lecturer Kate Upson Clark wrote to American journalist Margherita Arlina Hamm to regretfully decline an invitation to a meeting.

Clark made it clear that she regretted not being able to attend, but mentioned domestic and literary obligations as her reasons. She also expressed her support for the congress (possibly a suffrage meeting) and offered thanks to the "Executive Council for the compliment paid me."