John Malcolm Brinnin collection related to Mitchell Wolfson, Jr.

Content Description

In 1984, Brinnin contracted with Art & Antiques magazine for an article on Wolfson and his collections. The article was written, and rejected, for being more about the collector than about collecting. It was later published, in 1988, in Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Art. This collection includes a 14-page photocopy of the original typescript, with holograph corrections in the author's hand, four autograph letters signed in Brinnin's calligraphic hand, one typed letter signed to an editor at the magazine, one unsigned contract (Brinnin objected that travel expenses were not included), and a retained letter from an editor explaining the rejection of the piece. Wolfson is the founder and benefactor of The Wolfsonian Musuem in Miami, which is focused on the power of art and design to illuminate and instigate social, historical, and technological change during the period from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution until the end of the Second World War. Its holdings were derived from Wolfson's collections. This collection precedes the opening of the Wolfsonian to the public by more than a decade.