Collection related to Stanley Morison's 60th birthday

Content Description

Collection of six items related to a dinner held at Brown's Hotel on May 6, 1949, to honor Stanley Morison on his 60th birthday. Includes the envelope lettered by Will Carter of Rampant Lions Press, sealed with a large stamped wax seal, bearing John Carter's name, which contained the other items. The enclosed items include an imitation eighteenth century leather book cover or board on which is stamped in gold S.M., and on the verso is printed the menu for the evening, as well as a prospectus for John Carter's A Handlist of the Writings of Stanley Morison, Prolegomena and Curriculum Vitae of Stanley Morison, and A Selection of Types Produced by the Monotype Corporation under the Guidance of Stanley Morison. Also included is a note between John Carter and Jake (Blanck?) describing the contents of this envelope.