Tom Clark collection of book reviews

Content Description

The Tom Clark collection of book reviews consists of handwritten and typed manuscripts written by Clark in which he reviews the books of various American authors, including Nancy Morejón, Larry Eigner, Laura Moriarty, John Godfrey, Maureen Owen, Norman Moser, John Koethe, Simon Pettet, Michael Palmer, and Darell Gray. Morejón's Where the Island Sleeps Like a Wing, Eigner's Waters/Places/A Time, Moriarty's Persia, Godfrey's Where the Weather Suits my Clothes, Owen's Amelia Earhart, Moser's El Grito del Norte & Other Stories, Pettet's An Enigma & Other Lyrics, Palmer's First Figure, Gray's Halos of Debris, and one of Koethe's works have Clark's numerous revisions and corrections accompanied by his signature. The collection also includes one clipping.