Paul Bowles letters to Paulina Tananko

Biographical and Historical Notes

Paul Frederic Bowles (1910-1999)

American composer and author Paul Frederic Bowles (1910-1999), whose best-known fictional work is the novel The Sheltering Sky, is equally known as a prolific translator.

Content Description

Suite of four typed letters signed (with envelopes) and one autograph postcard signed from Paul Bowles to Paulina Tananko, from 1981-1988. Tananko had written to Bowles expressing pleasure in The Oblivion Seekers, his edition of Isabella Eberhardt's writings, and this correspondence largely concerns Eberhardt. Tananko sent Bowles articles and information gained from her research in to Eberhardt's life and he reported what was important to him in them, with humor and detail.