Harry Fletcher Brown collection

Container List

Biographical materials, 1935-1944 Box 1, F1
Photograph of Harry Fletcher Brown, circa 1920s Box 1, F2
Compositions, 1881-1902 Box 1, F3
Announcement, 1897 October 30 Box 1, F4
Correspondence, E.I. Du Pont de Nemours Powder Co, 1910-1930 Box 1, F5
Documents about Smokeless Powder, 1900 Box 1, F6
Correspondence to Mrs. H. Fletcher Brown, 1944-1952 Box 1, F7
Documents about the H. Fletcher Brown Vocational High School, 1938-1952 Box 1, F8
Documents about the dedication of the addition to the H. Fletcher Brown Laboratory, 1952 October 18 Box 1, F9
Correspondence Used for Harry Fletcher Brown, An Essay in Appreciation, undated Box 1, F10
Scrapbook, 1915-1952 Box 1, F11
Blueprints of billiard room mantel and pavilion lattice and summer home, 1918-1919 Box 1, F12a
Removed to SPEC MSS oversize mapcases
Blueprints of Tea House, 1921 Box 1, F12b
Removed to SPEC MSS oversize mapcases
Site plans for Ingleside Homes and Ingleside Annex, 1963, 1981 Box 1, F12c
Removed to SPEC MSS oversize mapcases