Merci Train collection

Container List

Letter written by A. Carrière, 1948 November 8 Box 1, 1

Letter expressing the author's gratitude toward the American people for the items received on the Friendship Train.

Les Brigands de Millau [ The Rascals of Millau ] by A. Carrière, 1936 Box 1, 2

Manuscript addressing French history during the revolution.

Monographie de la Terre & Commune de Saint-Léons: patrie de J. H. Fabre [ A treatise on the land and town of Saint Léons: the home of J.H. Fabre ] by A. Carrière, 1936 Box 1, 3

Manuscript discussing the geography and cultural history of the city of Saint-Léons. It contains sections on the police department, the office of mayor, community institutions, local hospitals and churches, and the agriculture of the region.

Les Gorges de la Jonte by A. Carrière, 1948 Box 1, 4

A geological tretise on a series of cliffs by the river Jonte in southern France.