William J. Cohen papers

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The William J. Cohen papers have been retained in their original order and reflect the provenance of their creator. There has been some minor reordering of some materials to make access easier for the user.

Cohen organized his files to reflect the progress of his career. Some materials (mostly found in Series II. A.-II.C.) span his entire career. An example is his involvement with the preservation of the White Clay Creek (Boxes 10-11). His advocacy for this area began during his job at the City of Newark. In 2001 efforts by Cohen and his colleagues were rewarded with the inclusion of the White Clay Creek and its stream valley in the National Wild and Scenic River Program. Other projects started in one phase of his career and continued into the next, such as the Delaware River Basin Commission Level B Study, which started in 1977 when he was a sole proprietor and continued into his incorporated company (Box 8). Projects and associations that began in one career often moved into another. Many colleagues and supervisors were mentors and eventually became co-workers, such as Peter Larson, who Cohen met in the 1960s (Box 18). Additionally, file dates may overlap into the next year or decade or decades, because the materials were accumulative and interrelated to future projects and contracts.

Generally, contents of a file are arranged in the order in which each item was executed, so that the most recent documents are at the beginning of a file. Folder numbering begins anew with each series.

The technical library is at the end of the collection and is listed variously in Appendices A, B, and C.