Carty family papers

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The materials in this collection are separated into five sections, each a different Carty family member: Peter Carty, Shreve Carty, William Carty, miscellaneous Carty, miscellaneous.

Peter Carty, 1815-1868

Documents and correspondence, 1846-1860 3 items Box 1, F1

Includes mortgage, record of mortgage payments, and a letter.

Receipts, 1815-1847 145 items Box 1, F2

Includes receipts from daily business transactions, purchase of household goods, rent received, payment of taxes, bill for tuition for four children, bill for manual labor of various types, and funeral preparations pertaining to Mary Newman (see also F9).

Receipts, 1850-1868 and undated 32 items Box 1, F3

Includes receipts for the purchase of a variety of building materials, as well as labor costs for the construction of a house.

Exercise books and account ledgers, 1847-1863 5 items Box 1, F4

Includes account ledgers recording debts owed by tenants and others, running total of house construction expenses, terms and conditions of a sale of wooded lots, and hours spent picking peaches and moving wood piles.  Also includes notebooks originally used for arithmetic exercises with "decorative" page headings, later reused for accounts.

Shreve Carty, 1856-1868

Receipts, 1856-1868 9 items Box 1, F5

Receipts pertaining to the purchase of building materials.

William Carty, 1871-1912

Miscellaneous, 1871-1912 30 items Box 1, F6

Includes correspondence, wedding invitations, funeral announcements, receipts, and two penmanship exercise books nearly filled.

Miscellaneous Carty family, 1828-1885

1828-1885 7 items Box 1, F7

Includes receipts, letters and documents pertaining to Joseph Carty, Asa Carty, Jonathan Carty, Alfred Carty, Albert Carty, Elmer Carty.

Miscellaneous, 1830-1892 and undated

1830-1892 and undated Box 1, F8

Includes documents pertaining to the Shreve family, Mary Newman (see F9), and two undated lists of candidates of the Democratic party ticket and People's party ticket.