Paul Boytinck - C.P. Snow collection

Biographical and Historical Notes

Paul Boytinck

Bibliographer Paul Boytinck received his B.A. in English and history from the University of Alberta, his M.L.S. from University of California, Los Angeles, and his M.A. in English from McGill University. His master's thesis was on the novels of C.P. Snow under the direction of High MacLennan. He has worked as the head of the cataloging department at Bucknell University from 1969 until his retirement in 1992. His publications include C.P. Snow: A Reference Guide (1980) and Anthony Burgess: An Annotated Bibliography and Reference Guide (1985).

C.P. Snow

English novelist and scientific administrator Charles Percy Snow (1905-1980) was a prolific author whose literary works explores themes of modern science and technology and their effects on the development of society. Snow received his Ph.D. in physics from Cambridge University in 1930. Snow continued to teach at Cambridge and became the editor of Discovery magazine. When the magazine went under in 1940, Snow was already involved with the Royal Society, and by 1942 was named director of technical personnel, spearheading the mobilization of scientists to produce radar and military technology and the atomic bomb. Eventually Snow became the civil service commissioner in charge of recruiting scientists to post-war government work and returned to writing. His public service in the House of Lords and his literary works were aimed at the same goals: the interpretation of science and an awareness of technology's central role in human progress. Snow completed an eleven-novel cycle beginning with The Light and the Dark (1947) and ending with Strangers and Brothers (1970). The novel cycle is narrated by lawyer-bureaucrat Lewis Eliot and deals with pre- and post-war political and moral issues as well as the more personal issues of ambition and failure.


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Scope and Contents

The Paul Boytinck - C.P. Snow collection is a research collection consisting of material used by bibliographer Paul Boytinck for the publication of his book C.P. Snow: A Reference Guide (1980). The collection consists of 1.3 linear feet of articles, book reviews, interviews, manuscripts, correspondence, and a videotape relatedto English novelist C.P. Snow spanning the dates between 1932 and 1989.

The collection is arranged into two series: I. Reviews of Snow; and II. Critical work on Snow and secondary material.

Series I. comprises a large portion of the collection, consisting of reviews of Snow's major literary publications, arranged alphabetically by the title of the work reviewed.

Series II. consists of critical work on Snow's novels and other secondary material, including typescript transcripts of Snow's letters from 1932 to 1979, copies of published interviews and articles by Snow, and copies of obituary notices published after Snow's death. A videotape of the 1984 adaptation of Snow's novel Strangers and Brothers, along with letters from and to Paul Boytinck related to Snow material.