John Digby papers

Subgroup IV. Original collages

    A number of framed, unframed, and matted works displaying Digby's original collages. Much of the artwork is related to his literary projects and illustration work.

    Paper Cut and Illustrations for Gourmet Magazine, 1981-1982 and undated Box 17, F378

    Chinese-style cut paper and collages.

    Small collages Box 17, F379

    The folder contains four collages (three are bird collages). John Digby's collage design "NCHC Guide, Over the Edge," derived from Peterson's "Guide to Honors Programs and Colleges," edited by Joan Digby, was removed to oversize.

    Bird collages Box 53

    46 bird collages

    Collage series for three projects Box 54

    Includes one matted (deer) and one unmatted (pig) collage illustration from Dreamworks; seven original unmatted collages illustrations for West Hill Review: A Walt Whitman Journal 7 (1987), plus one collage removed to Box 63. Also includes 14 original collages from To Amuse a Shrinking Sun

    Collages for Magowan project and fish collages Box 55

    Twelve original collage illustrations for Robin Magowan's Birds in a Forest Swaying, and eight fish collages.

    Collages of mammals Box 56

    40 original collages of a variety of mammals

    Butterfly collages Box 63

    Includes 23 original unmatted butterfly collages. Also includes one collage of Walt Whitman portraits in oval frame with butterfly, published in West Hill Review, removed from Box 54

    Fifteen original collages from Permutations (1985), and six collages from other projects Box 70

    Permutations: Readings in Science and Literature, edited by Joan Digby and Bob Brier, was published by William Morrow in 1985. Also included are four matted bird collages, one collage from Food for Thought, removed from Box 60, and a collage Digby made to accompany a poem written by his son, Andrew Digby, that was published by Stone House Press.