John Digby papers supplement

III. The Feral Press, 1860-2016, undated

Subgroup III., The Feral Press comprises materials related to and produced by The Feral Press, the primary imprint of Prehensile Pencil Publications, a small Long Island, New York, publishing company founded and operated by John and Joan Digby. The Feral Press published the work of nearly 100 authors and artists from 2002-2016, and featured short works of poetry (including translations into English), short fiction, and essays from both emerging and established writers. Feral Press booklets were produced strictly in black-and-white and maintained a uniform aesthetic while at the same time showcasing a variety of media. These included pencil and ink drawing, collage, engravings, charcoal, and photography. Feral Press artists were encouraged to approach the literary texts as "interpreters" and "improvisers," to create artwork inspired by and uniquely suited to the source material. John Digby's collage art comprises the bulk of the artwork found in the Feral Press series, and hundreds of his small, intricate collage specimens can be found throughout, each uniquely crafted to suit individual Feral Press authors' literary text. Joan Digby contributed photography as a Feral Press artist, and her original work is noted throughout the series. The Poet's Farthing Card is the secondary imprint of Prehensile Pencil Publications and published single poems paired with an illustration. These small cards are also printed strictly in black-and-white in accordance with the same organizational aesthetic as The Feral Press and utilizing Feral Press artists. Poet's Farthing Cards are noted throughout the series. The series contains general materials related to the press; Feral Press publications arranged by author; and Feral Press publications arranged by artist.