Elliot-McKee family deeds

Biographical and Historical Notes

The eighteenth and nineteenth-century papers included here are from both the McKee and Elliot families of New Castle County, Delaware. They include Andrew McKee and William McKee and their offspring, who were all farmers in the vicinity of Wilmington, Delaware. The Elliot family, also farmers from the same area as the McKee family, served often in local government positions. Family members include John Elliot, Cloud Elliot, and Cloud Elliot's children and grandchildren. The major figure in these deeds and papers is Cloud Elliot. His sons Isaac C. Elliot and John C. Elliot appear also in this collection. Various other names appear as well, many of whom may have had relations with the Elliot family, such as George Scott and James Broome.


Conrad, Henry C. History of the state of Delaware, by Henry C. Conrad, from the earliest settlements to the year 1907. Wilmington, Del. : The author, 1908.

Additional biographical information derived from collection.

Scope and Content Note

The McKee-Elliot family deeds comprise the land indentures, deeds, mortgages, and other papers of two nineteenth-century families of New Castle County, Delaware. Dating from the late eighteenth through early twentieth centuries, these forty-three documents are largely from the dealings of Cloud Elliot with the McKee family, and the dealings of his sons and grandsons with other business associates. Several of these names appear multiple times, such as George Scott, Ezekiel Bennet, George Armstrong, and the Broome brothers, James and Jacob. The documents are almost entirely deeds of parcels of land in the Brandywine Hundred between the McKee and Elliot families. The later mortgages were issued by corporations, including the Delaware Construction Company and the Christina Improvement Company. Some of these deeds are for marshland and others are for city lots within Wilmington, but most are for farmland within the Brandywine Hundred.