Allan P. Colburn notebooks

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The volumes in the collection are arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically within the year; undated volumes are at the end of the collection.

Mechanics of Materials, 1924-1925 Box 1, F1

First sheet read as follows " Mechanics 3 / Problems - 1st semester, 1924-25 / under Prof. Mauer / in conjunction with the text: / "Mechanics of Materials" - Merriman" over Colburn's signature. Contents appear to be from several different sources as it includes several different sizes of paper. Also includes copies of typed course handouts (including "Notes on Columns to Replace Chapter IX in Merriman"), handwritten notes and graphs, diagrams on blue print paper, and graded assignments.

Steam and Gas, 1924-1925 Box 1, F2

First sheet reads as follows: "Steam and Gas Engineering: / Experiments. / (Marquette University) / 1. Steam Calorimeters / 2. Callibration [sic] of pressure gages [sic] and thermometers / 3. Calibration of water meter / 5. Planimeters / 6. Governors / (Univ. of Wis.) / 1. Pressure and vacuum gages [sic] / 2. Indicators / 5. Lubricating oils / 6. Setting a slide valve / 9. Test of the Ideal automatic engine / 11. Setting of the Corliss valve / 12. Test of a simple Corliss engine / 13. Nordberg engine test / 18. Curtis steam turbine test / 20. boiler feed pump and heater test / 23. Test of vertical boiler and engine / 38. Foos engine test / 40. Measurement of steam flow / 41. Test of an air compressor / 42. Measurement of flow of gases / 44. Test of refrigerating machine / 46. Heating plant test / Notes and problems"

Contents include copies of course handouts, handwritten notes and diagrams, hand-traced "indicator cards" pasted onto pages, graded assignments, a typed report of an inspection of the University [of Wisconsin] heating plant and a "'Diagrammatic Layout of a Vilter Refrigerating Plant" printed on blue print paper.

Metallography / Pyrometry, 1924-1926 Box 1, F3

Appears to consist of lecture notes and lab experiments for two separate classes bound together. Title Page lists "Metallography / Lecture Notes from R.A. Ragatz / Lab Experiments under J. Kromholtz(?)" followed by the word "Pyrometry" over Colburn's signature. Metallography section includes faded photographs of microstructure of various metals taken during lab experiments pasted in. These date to 1926.

Second section, "Pyrometry / Notes and Lab Experiments / R.A. Ramsay - Instructor," contains handwritten notes, graphs, and lab experiment notes and results dating to 1924.

Chemistry, 1925 Box 1, F4

Volume consists of several sections listed on title page as follows "1. Organic Chemistry Dr. Fisher / Notes / Laboratory experiments / 2. Quantitative Analysis Dr. Kemmerer / 3. Fuel and Gas Analysis R.A. Ramsay / 4. General Chemistry (M.U.) R.N. Baur." The material appears to come from several different sources as it includes several different sizes of paper. It includes handwritten lecture notes and lab notes, typed handouts and assignments, and several graded assignments. Also includes a loose sheet of onion skin titled "To Standardize Sodium Thiosulfate Solution for Dissolved Oxygen Determination."

Chemical Machinery / Industrial Chemistry / Coke and Gas / Fluidity and Plasticity / Thermal Chemistry / Junior and Senior Inspection Trips, 1925-1926 Box 1, F5

Volume consists of separate sections as listed in title and contains handwritten lecture notes, lab experiment notes, graded assignments, typed handouts, and written descriptions of inspection trips. Also includes a "Souvenir of Argo" titled "Corn Products" laid in as well as a typed itinerary for the "Senior Chemical Engineers Inspection Trip. April 14-16, 1926."

Electrical Engineering (Notes, Problems, and Experiments), 1925-1926 Box 1, F6

First sheet reads as follows "Electrical Engineering 147. / Experiments. / 1. Resistance / 2. Dynamo operation. / 3. Magnetization curves. / 7. Characteristic of a compound generator. / 11. Static torque of shunt and series motor. / AC / 24. Reactance in AC circuits. / 28. Electrical resonance. / 32. Alternator load characteristics." Includes handwritten notes and graphs, circuit diagrams, graded assignments, copies of typed "Outline for Study" course handouts, and a copy of the course final exam, dated June 9, 1926.

Physical Chemistry, 1926-1927 Box 1, F7

Volumes contains materials related to three different courses listed on first sheet as follows: "Physical Chemistry / 1. Introductory course Prof. Daniels / Laboratory experiments / 2. Electrochemistry Prof. Watts / 3. Thermodynamics Prof. Daniels." Material includes handwritten notes, diagrams, and graphs, copies of typed course handouts, graded assignments, lab notes, and copies of some course examinations. Three loose sheets with answers to problems are laid in front.

Heat Transmission Coefficients of Tubular Gas Condensers, 1927 Box 1, F8

Draft copy of Colburn's University of Wisconsin Master of Science thesis. Includes table of contents and numerous laid-in graphs and tables on blue print paper.

Heat Transmission Coefficients of Tubular Gas Condensers, 1927 Box 1, F9

Clean copy of Colburn's Master of Science thesis. Identified on cover as "Heat Transmission in Gas Condensers." Contains table of contents and numerous illustrations and graphs printed on blue print paper. Unsigned and undated approval sheet at end.

Mathematics 110, Lectures of Professor R.W. Babcock, 1927-1928 Box 1, F10

Handwritten notes for class lectures and solutions to problems. Includes typed copy of Mathematics 110 final exam dated June 1928.

Atomic and Molecular Structures - History of Chemistry, 1928-1929 Box 1, F11

Contents consist of hand written lectures notes for three separate classes listed as follows:" I. Atomic Structures / 1928 Prof. Farrington Daniels / II. Molecular Structures / 1929 Prof. J.H. Williams / III. History of Chemistry / 1928 Prof. Louis Kahlenberg." The section on Atomic Structure includes a brief, typed listing of literature on atomic structure as well as copies of two exams given in the class.

Transmission of Heat Through Saturated-Gas and Liquid Films Particularly as Applied to Tubular Gas Condensers, 1929 Box 1, F12

Appears to be a draft of an article for the Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin , which appears on title page though without serial or volume number. Authors are listed as "Allan P Colburn / Fellow in Chemical Engineering" over "O.A. Hougen / Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering." Volume includes table of contents and list of illustrations (laid-in graphs on blueprint paper).

Studies in Heat Transmission, 1930, 1942 Box 1, F13

Appears to be rough draft of article for "Bulletin of University of Wisconsin Engineering Series" though no series or volume number is listed on title page. Authors are listed as "Allan P. Colburn / Fellow in Chemical Engineering" over "O.A. Hougen / Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering." Includes table of contents and table of figures, which seems to refer to the numerous graphs on blue print paper laid-in or stapled on pages. There are numerous penciled corrections and annotations throughout, including three loose sheets with differing versions of pages 63-66. There is also a loose sheet with what appears to be a draft version of the table of contents in pencil.

Included with this volume are three pieces of correspondence from Colburn's co-author O.A. Hougen, all dated from June of 1930, none of which appear related to the article. There is also a reprint of Colburn's article "Relation between Mass Transfer (Absorption) and Fluid Friction" from the journal Industrial and Engineering Chemistry , Volume 22, 967-977 (1930 September). Also included is a reprint of the article "Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of the System Acetone-Acetic Acid-Water" by Robert York, Jr. and Robert C. Holmes from Industrial and Engineering Chemistry , Volume 34, 345-50 (1942 March).

Text-notes for the Course Chemical Engineering 18, Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering, August 1932 Box 1, F14

Authors listed as "O.L. Kowalke and R.A. Ragatz of the Instructional Staff / Chemical Engineering Department / University of Wisconsin / Madison." Contents consists of typed notes on lectures I - XIII, problems, and two illustrations printed on blue print paper.

The Application of Differential Equations to Chemical Engineering Problems , March 1, 1947 Box 1, F15

Authors listed as W.R. Marshall, Jr. and R.L. Pigford of the Engineering Department of E.I. duPont deNemours and Company. Book published by the University of Delaware based on a graduate Chemical Engineering course given at the University of Delaware by the authors. Includes table of contents and list of figures.

Advanced Inorganic Analysis: Lectures of Professor George Kemmerer, undated Box 1, F16

Colburn's typed notes with some pencil/pen annotations. Includes a table of contents. Identified on spine as "Advanced Quantitative."

Introduction to Bacteriology / Lectures of Professor W.H. Wright / Laboratory Experiments, undated Box 1, F17

The notebook appears to be divided into two sections, the first consisting of lecture notes, the second of experimental results in ink with penciled corrections/deletions. Some contain pencil illustrations in margin.