Richard H. Stewart collection of Abraham Lincoln material

Container List

Notes and research, undated Box 1, F1

Includes Stewart's notes and research on Lincoln, particularly his homes.

Signed Lincoln appointment, 1861 March 27 Box 2, F4

Appointment of Joseph M. Sterrett to position of deputy postmaster of Erie, Pennsylvania. Signed by Lincoln and Secretary of State William Seward.

Clippings and publications, 1861-1898

Illustrations from The Illustrated London News , 1861-1865 Box 2, F2

Includes four clippings of illustrations of Lincoln's 1861 inaugural address (March 30, 1861); New Year's Eve ball at the White House (February 1, 1862); Lincoln's second inaugural address (April 8, 1865); and the funeral procession [May 20, 1865].

New York Herald reproductions, undated 2 items Box 5, F2
McClure's Magazine , 1898 December Box 1, F2

Includes "The Later Life of Lincoln" by Ida Tarbell.

Prints and portraits, 1865 and undated

Includes a photograph and a card regarding the provenance of the Currier & Ives prints. The card notes that these prints "were once part of the famous printers' residue stock and later an item in the famous Oliver Barrett Collection." American writer Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) published a volume on American lawyer Oliver R. Barrett's (1873-1950) collection titled Lincoln Collector: The Story of the Oliver R. Barrett Lincoln Collection (1949).

"Abraham Lincoln: The Nation's Martyr—Assassinated April 14, 1865" Currier Ives lithographic print, [circa 1865] Box 3, F5


"The Assassination of President Lincoln at Ford's Theatre" Currier Ives lithographic print, 1865 Box 3, F5

Framed. Also includes a 1952 letter from former owner Julia Newman about the provenance of the two Currier & Ives prints in this collection. Originally laid into Stewart's copy of the auction catalog for the 1952 sale of the Oliver R. Barrett collection, which can be found cataloged with imprints in Special Collections.

Moses P. Rice print of Gardner Lincoln portrait, undated Box 1, F5

Washington, D.C., photographer Moses P. Rice copyrighted this popular 1863 Alexander Gardner photograph in 1891. This print bears Rice's copyright statement on Lincoln's shoulder. This copy was once part of the Lincoln Collection formed by Oliver R. Barrett.

Reproduction of 1860 Hessler photograph, undated Box 1, F5

Reproduction of a print based on Hessler's 1860 photograph of Lincoln. Hessler's photograph was made from the negative that had been owned by Philadelphia photographer George B. Ayres.

Stamps and coins, 1894-2009

3-cent Lincoln stamp, 1926 Box 1, F6

Issue of 1926.

4-cent Lincoln stamp, 1894 Box 1, F6

Issue of 1894.

5-cent Lincoln stamp, 1903 Box 1, F6

1902 series, issue of 1903.

25-cent Lincoln airmail stamp, 1960 Box 1, F6

Issue of 1960.

Lincoln wheat pennies, 1909 2 items Box 1, F6
Abraham Lincoln 1 5/16" bronze medal, 2009 Box 4, F6

Issued by the United States Mint.

Artifacts, circa 1865-1975

Pair of Phelps handcuffs, circa 1866 Box 4, F7

Does not bear the 1866 patent stamp of Orson C. Phelps.

1975 penny paperweight, circa 1975 Box 4, F7

Bears serial number 5CAAA7 on verso.

Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience Abraham Lincoln plate, circa 1965 Box 4, F7

Three-inch dish bearing mark of Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience.

Petrus Regout Co. "Lincoln's House, Springfield, Illinois" flow blue plate, circa 1865-1889 Box 4, F7

Nine-inch dish bearing mark of Petrus Regout & Co. Made in Maastricht, Holland.