Sara Driver collection related to the film adaptation of Paul Bowles's "You Are Not I"

Container List

Photocopy of You Are Not I script, undated Box 1, F1

Final page handwritten.

Photocopy of Bowles's short story, undated Box 1, F2

Includes photocopies of letters of permission to use the story for the film from Bowles and his agent, Ned Leavitt.

Permissions, 1985, undated Box 1, F3

Photocopies of forms and letters dealing with permissions for the use of Bowles's story and the distribution of Driver's film.

Publicity, 1982-1983 Box 1, F4

Consists of posters, programs, handbills, and brochures for screenings of the film. Also included is a list of early screenings and film festivals between 1981 and 1984.

Reviews, 1981-1984 Box 1, F5

Photocopies of early reviews of the film.

French reviews and publicity, 1987 Box 1, F6

Promotional material and photocopies of reviews from the French press for a screening of You Are Not I with Robert Frank's Pull My Daisy.

Posters and promotional material, undated Box 1, F7

Posters, promotional brochures, and a color photocopy of the cover of the Japanese VHS of You Are Not I.

Publicity photographs and contact sheets, undated Box 1, F8

Promotional postcards and photocopies of promotional photos and contact sheets from the film.

Exhibitions and retrospectives, 2011-2012 Box 1, F9

Checklist of items exhibited by University of Delaware librarians and a flyer for retrospective screenings of Sara Driver's films.