University of Delaware Library collection of websites related to printing and book arts

Scope and Contents

This collection was begun in 2016 in an attempt to document websites created to promote or document the design, production, publication, and sale of the various elements of book arts and printing, as well as related subjects such as collaging, typography, and rare book collection. The websites crawled are representative of the collecting policies at the University of Delaware Library to document book arts and printing, and are intended to complement and enrich the special collections held by the library. The websites crawled are a curated sample, representing different facets of the creation and distribution of the varied forms of book arts and printing related to the library collection. Sites will continue to be added to the collection in the future. The complete web archive is available at

The collection consists of twenty-six websites related to printing and the book arts. The collection is organized into three series:

The first series, Presses, include websites and social media sites for various private presses.

The second series, Printing design, includes websites and social media sites for presses and firms experimenting with typography and alternative printing and design.

The third series, Individuals and book artists, includes websites for book artists, most notably collagist John Digby.