Paul Bowles letters to Ned Leavitt and six typescript manuscripts

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Paul Bowles letters to Ned Leavitt, 1976-1992 Box 1, F1
Paul Bowles, "Reminders of Bouselham", 1975 December Box 1, F2
Paul Bowles, "Kitty", circa 1979 Box 1, F3
Paul Bowles, "Rumor and a Ladder", circa 1979 Box 1, F4
Mohammed Choukri, "Men Are Lucky," translated by Paul Bowles, circa 1978 Box 1, F5
Paul Bowles, Second section of introduction to A Life Full of Holes , 1981 August Box 1, F6
Paul Bowles, Essay on Tangier for Vogue magazine, 1989 November 3 Box 1, F7