University of Delaware Library collection of websites related to Delaware environmental policy

Scope and Contents

This collection was begun in 2016 in an attempt to document websites created by individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting and experiencing Delaware's natural resources, or active in Delaware environmental policy. Included in this collection are websites and social media sites of environmental groups, outdoor recreation groups, landscape architects, developers and conservationists in and around Delaware. The websites crawled are a curated sample, representing different facets of preserving and interacting with Delaware's unique environment. Sites will continue to be added to the collection in the future. The complete web archive is available at

The collection consists of twenty websites related to Delaware's environment policy, politics, and government. The collection is organized into three series:

The first series, General environmental sites, include websites and social media sites for environmental policy, conservation and policy groups, and miscellaneous environmental and ecological websites.

The second series, Parks and recreation, includes websites and social media sites for state and local parks, mostly surrounding the White Clay Creek Preserve. This series also includes sites created by outdoor adventure groups.

The third series, Plants and animals, includes websites for organizations dedicated to studying and preserving plants and animals in Delaware.