Bernie Joe "Tex" Burkett collection related to Watergate

Container List

Memo and Articles of Impeachment, 1974 August 1 Box 1, 1

One memorandum to Senator Roth and Burkett, forwarding a copy of the articles of impeachment porposed by the House Judiciary Committee against President Nixon.

Impeachable Offenses Box 1, 2

Briefing book on the history of impeachment, with particular emphasis on the types of offences for which an individual could be impeached under the United States Constitution.

U.S. vs Nixon-- Issues and Background Box 1, 3

Background on the Supreme Court case United States v. Nixon.

Proper conduct for a United States Senator in advance of or during a Senate trial of impeachment Box 1, 4

A summary of the roles, responsibilities and conduct of a Senator during an impeachment trial.

Summary: Senator Roth's actions regarding Watergate Box 1, 5

A timeline of statements, press releases, interviews and correspondence between Senator Roth and the Nixon administration re. Watergate. This folder also includes copies of material from the timeline.

Basic materials on impeachment Box 1, 6

Includes information on the history of impeachment and its inclusion in the U.S. Constitution. Includes excerpts from The Federalist Papers, no. 65.

Disqualification of a Senator as a member of the Senate sitting in trial of impeachment for bias or interest Box 1, 7

Summary information on reasons why a senator may be disqualified from serving as a judge in an impeachment trial. Includes numerous citations in case law, U.S. Code and other sources on the topic.

Judicial review of an impeachment conviction Box 1, 8

Background on judicial review of impeachment convictions in the United States. Includes case law and statutory citiations, as well as research from other sources.