Paul Bowles correspondence with Tom Christie

Container List

1981 Box 1, F1

Letters chiefly concern Christie's proposal to write a film adaptation of "The Hours After Noon."

1982 Box 1, F2

Letters contain continued discussion of "The Hours After Noon" script, as well as Christie's adaptation of "The Frozen Fields." In a February 5th letter, Bowles describes his writing process.

1983 Box 1, F3

Letters contain comments on an article that Christie wrote about Bowles, as well as continued discussion about "The Frozen Fields." Bowles' letter of January 2, 1983, gives some of his thoughts on literary criticism and criticism of his work.

1984-1985 Box 1, F4

Letters from 1984 include an exchange between Christie and Bowles about whether a documentary film can be successfully made on the topic of writing.