Martha L. Carothers student artists' books collection

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The artists' books are arranged into eight series corresponding to their method of construction: I. Case binding; II. Exposed-spine binding including Coptic, Japanese-stab, and signature bindings; III. Accordion binding; IV. Soft-spine binding; V. Non-traditional bindings which include spiral, ring, and screw-and-post bindings; VI. Standard bindings, which include limp, perfect, and signature bindings; VII. Tryptic-cover bindings, which include split-cover and flap bindings; and VIII. Structure- and sculpture-books, which include boxed books, books made from boxes, envelopes and files, metal and wooden structures, soft books, and unconventional structures/objects. A final series comprises ART 309 course materials, which include syllabi, class handouts, photographs, slides, and student conceptual mock-ups.