Collection of uncorrected poetry proofs

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Algarín, Miguel. Love is Hard Work . New York: Scribner, 1997 Box 1, F1

Afterword by Ishmael Reed.

Allen, Dick. Ode to the Cold War: Poems New and Selected . Louisville, KY: Sarabande Books, 1997 Box 1, F2
Anania, Michael. Selected Poems: 1965-1994 . Wakefield, RI: Moyer Bell, 1994 Box 1, F3
Barnstone, Willis. Algebra of Night: New & Selected Poems . Riverdale on Hudson, NY: Sheep Meadow Press, 1998 Box 1, F4
Beckman, Joshua. Things Are Happening: Poems . Philadelphia: American Poetry Review, 1998 Box 1, F5

Introduction by Gerald Stern. Winner of the APR / Honickman First Book Prize.

Behn, Robin. The Red Hour . New York: Harper Perennial, 1993 Box 1, F6
Biespiel, David. Shattering Air: Poems. Foreword by Stanley Plumly . Brockport, NY: Boa Editions, Ltd, 1996 Box 1, F7
Bruce, Debra. What Wind Will Do: Poems . Oxford, OH: Miami University Press, 1997 Box 1, F8
Bush, Barney. Inherit the Blood: Poetry and Fiction . New York: Thunder's Mouth Press, 1985 Box 1, F9

This proof edition lacks the illustrations by Daryl Trivieri.

Cassells, Cyrus. Beautiful Signor . Port Townsend, WA: Copper Canyon Press, 1997 Box 1, F10

Excerpts from Hilda Morely and W.S. Merwin precede the text.

Cassian, Nina. Take My Word for It . New York: Norton, 1998 Box 1, F11
Christopher, Nicholas. Under 35 : The New Generation of American Poets . New York: Doubleday, 1989 Box 1, F12

The publication date on the front cover is corrected in ink. Contributions by Henri Cole, Elaine Equi, Mary Jo Salter, David Trinidad, Robert McDowell, Jack Skelly, Cynthia Zarin, and others. Blurbs by Alfred Corn, A.R. Ammons, Maxine Kumin, and others.

Clinton, Robert. Taking Eden: Poems . Louisville, KY: Sarabande Books, 1998 Box 1, F13
Coles, Katharine. A History of the Garden: Poems . Reno / Las Vegas: University of Nevada Press, 1997 Box 1, F14
de Nicolas, Antonio. T. Remembering the God to Come, With a Prologue by William Packard . New York: Paragon, 1988 Box 1, F15
Digges, Deborah. Late in the Millennium: Poems . New York: Knopf, 1989 Box 1, F16
Dischell, Stuart. Evenings and Avenues . New York: Penguin Poets, 1996 Box 1, F17
Dorfman, Ariel. Last Waltz in Santiago: And Other Poems of Exile and Disappearance . New York: Penguin, 1988 Box 1, F18

Translated by Edith Grossman.

Eisenberg, Susan. Pioneering: Poems from the Construction Site . Ithaca: IRL Press/Cornell University Press, 1998 Box 1, F19
Funkhouser, Erica. The Actual World . Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997 Box 1, F20
Glazner, Greg. Singularity . New York: Norton, 1996 Box 1, F21

Cover comment by James Dickey.

Gregor, Arthur. The River Serpent: And other poems . Riverdale-on-Hudson, NY: Sheep Meadow, 1994 Box 1, F22
Jordan, Barbara. Trace Elements . New York: Penguin, 1998 Box 1, F23
Kane, Paul. Poetry of the American Renaissance: A Diverse Anthology from the Romantic Period . New York: G. Braziller, 1995 Box 1, F24

Poems by Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allen Poe, John Greenleaf Whittier, Henry David Thoreau, Herman Melville, and others.

Kavanaugh, James. Laughing Down Lonely Canyons . San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1984 Box 1, F25
Kinzie, Mary. Autumn Eros: And Other Poems . New York: Knopf, 1991 Box 1, F26
Kramer, Larry. Brilliant Windows: Poems . Oxford, OH: Miami University Press, 1998 Box 1, F27
Kruger, Michael. At Night, Beneath the Trees: Selected Poems . New York: Braziller, 1998 Box 1, F28

Translated by Richard Dove.

Levin, Harriet. The Christmas Show, With an Introduction by Eavan Boland . Boston: Beacon Press, 1997 Box 1, F29
Logan, William. Vain Empires . New York: Penguin, 1998 Box 1, F30
Marcus, Morton. Pages from a Scrapbook of Immigrants: Poems . Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1988 Box 1, F31
Mariani, Paul. The Great Wheel . New York: W.W. Norton, 1996 Box 1, F32
Marlis, Stefanie. Rife: Poems . Louisville, KY: Sarabande Books, 1998 Box 1, F33
Mayerson, Charlotte. The Death Cycle Machine: Poems . New York: Crown, 1995 Box 1, F34

Publisher corrections on the back cover. A paragraph on the cover by Kurt Vonnegut.

McDowell, Robert. Quiet Money: Poems . New York: Holt, 1987 Box 1, F35
Mitsui, James Masao. From a Three-Cornered World . Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1997 Box 1, F36

Cover comment by Garrett Hongo.

Moss, Thylias. Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler: Poems . New York: Persea, 1998 Box 1, F37

Uncorrected softcover bound galley.

Muske, Carol. Applause . Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1989 Box 1, F38

Uncorrected proof made of stapled, photocopied sheets with the publisher's label on the first page.

Myers, Jack. As Long As You're Happy: Poems . St. Paul: Graywolf Press, 1986 Box 1, F39

Includes commentary by Seamus Heaney.

Neville, Tam Lin. Journey Cake . Kansas City: BkMk Press of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1998 Box 1, F40
Parini, Jay. House of Days . New York: Holt, 1998 Box 1, F41
Patrick, William B. These Upraised Hands: Poems . Brockport, NY: Boa Editions, 1995 Box 1, F42
Piercy, Marge. Mars and Her Children: Poems . New York: Knopf, 1992 Box 1, F43
Ping, Wang. Of Flesh & Spirit: Poems . Minneapolis, MN: Coffee House Press, 1992 Box 2, F1
Ponsot, Marie. The Bird Catcher: Poems . New York: Knopf, 1998 Box 2, F2
Preston, Elaine. Look for Field to Land: Poems . Bridgehampton, NY: Bridge Works, 1994 Box 2, F3
Ragan, James. Lusions . New York: Grove Press, 1997 Box 2, F4
Ragan, James. The Hunger Wall . New York: Grove Press, 1995 Box 2, F5
Ransom, Jane. Scene of the Crime: Poems . Brownsville, OR: Story Line Press, 1997 Box 2, F6
Ritsos, Yannis. Exile and Return: Selected Poems 1967-1974 . New York: Ecco Press, 1985 Box 2, F7

Translated by Edmund Keeley.

Rivard, David. Torque . Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1988 Box 2, F8

Stapled photocopied sheets with the publisher label attached to the front cover.

Rohrer, Matthew. A Hummock in the Malookas: Poems . New York: Norton, 1995 Box 2, F9
Rosen, Michael J. Telling Things . San Diego: Harcourt Brace, 1997 Box 2, F10
Rutsala, Vern. Backtracking . Santa Cruz: Storyline Press, 1985 Box 2, F11
Sandy, Stephen. Man in the Open Air: Poems . New York: Knopf, 1988 Box 2, F12
Seidel, Frederick. These Days: New Poems . New York: Knopf, 1989 Box 2, F13
Shabtai, Aharon. Love & Selected Poems . Riverdale-on-Hudson, New York: Sheep Meadow Press, 1997 Box 2, F14

Translated by Peter Cole.

Short, Gary. Flying Over Sunny Liston . Reno: University of Nevada Press, 1996 Box 2, F15

1996 WESTAF book award winner for poetry.

Silk, Dennis. Hold Fast . New York: The Viking Press, 1984 Box 2, F16
Skinner, Jeffrey. A Guide to Forgetting: Poetry by Jeffrey Skinner . St. Paul: Graywolf Press, 1988 Box 2, F17

A volume from the National Poetry Series selected by Tess Gallagher that includes a statement by Gallagher on the front cover.

Song, Cathy. Frameless Windows, Squares of Light: Poems . New York: Norton, 1988 Box 3, F1
Spires, Elizabeth. Annonciade: Poems . New York: Viking, 1989 Box 3, F2

A comment by Anthony Hecht is attached to the front cover.

Trinidad, David. Answer Song . New York: High Risk/Serpent's Tail, 1994 Box 3, F3
Tsvetayeva, Marina. Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetayeva . New York: Dutton, 1987 Box 3, F4

A comment by Ted Hughes on the back cover. Translated by Elaine Feinstein.

Tucker, Memye Curtis. The Watchers . Athens: Ohio University Press, 1998 Box 3, F5

Uncorrected advance sample pages. Winner of the 1998 Hollis Summers Poetry Prize.

Van Duyn, Mona. Near Changes: Poems . New York: Knopf, 1990 Box 3, F6
Vazirani, Reetika. White Elephants . Boston: Beacon Press, 1996 Box 3, F7

Winner of the 1995 Barnard New Women Poets Prize. Introduction by Marilyn Hacker.

Viereck, Peter. Archer in Marrow: The Apple­wood Cycles, 1967-1987 . New York: Norton, 1986 Box 3, F8

A word and a correction on the cover in ink.

Voigt, Ellen Bryant. The Lotus Flowers . New York: Norton, 1987 Box 3, F9
Volkman, Karen. Crash's Law . New York: Norton, 1996 Box 3, F10
University of Pittsburgh Press. New Fall Books 1988 . Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1988 Box 3, F11

Catalog containing titles scheduled for publication between September 1988 and January 1989.