Library User Survey

This anonymous survey will help determine how library services and collections are used. This survey will be conducted during randomly selected two-hour periods over the next year. Data collected will be used to meet federal reporting requirements and to help establish funding allocations for the University.

Completing the survey will take less than a minute. After completing the survey, you will be connected to the resource you selected.

For question 4 indicate the purpose of your library use based on these definitions:
Instruction/Education/Departmental (Non-Funded) Research
This includes:
  • Preparation for classes
  • Student coursework, including term papers
  • Theses, dissertations, etc.
  • Teaching activities
  • Sponsored training (excluding sponsored training on research techniques, which is included in the Sponsored (Funded) Research definition)
  • Independent faculty research writing, scholarly activities (includes all research activities not separately budgeted and accounted for as sponsored research projects)
Sponsored (funded) Research
This includes:
  • Research projects funded by grants or contracts from federal, state, or local governments, foundations or other outside parties
  • Research projects funded by internal UD funds separately budgeted and accounted for
  • Research training grants and fellowships and research career development awards

Note: This category includes only specially funded organized research projects, which are separately budgted and accounted for as organized research projects by the University of Delaware

Other Sponsored Activities (Public Services)
This includes:
  • Sponsored public service projects
  • Community action and service programs
  • Extension activities

Other Activities
This includes:

  • Recreational usage (not for class)
  • Administrative work, including initial grant preparation
  • Patient Care
  • Other purposes not identified in other categories

Answer the following questions only if your purpose is Sponsored (Funded) Research:

Sponsor or fund source name, for example, NSF, HHS (including NIH), Department of Agriculture, Dept. of Commerce (including NOAA), EPA, USAID, Foundations, Corporations, State of Delaware, University funded research:

Principal investigator/researcher:

Name of the grant:

Thank you for your participation.