Orientation Relationship


  • Acquaint newcomers with University of Delaware Library staff structure, future planning visions, mission, etc.
  • Act as a sounding board for questions related to the organizational structure of the Library and the University.
  • Facilitate interaction with colleagues beyond supervisor and immediate department; encourage cross-departmental and cross-divisional communication.
  • Introduce new professionals to career-related activities.
  • Discuss professional committees, organizations, and scholarly activities, as well as introduce the professional to local and regional groups such as the Delaware Library Association.
  • Welcome new professionals to the geographic area.

Criteria for Mentors

  • Interested professionals may volunteer to serve as mentors; it is recommended that the volunteers have two or more years of experience at the Library.
  • Volunteers should be knowledgeable of the Library and University, flexible, considerate, cognizant of the needs of new professionals, and committed to meeting the steps and calendar of the checklist.
  • Mentors may be within the same reporting line, but outside the supervisory relationship.


  • Communicate with the mentee about calendar and checklist.
  • Follow checklist to provide orientation and answer additional questions from the mentee.
  • Recommend arrangement of at least monthly contacts with mentee for a six-month period.
  • Solicit feedback from the mentee and report progress to the Mentoring Coordinator.


  • Determine meeting schedule and orientation needs.
  • Be open to the program, ask questions, and keep appointments with mentor.
  • Participate in appropriate checklist activities.
  • Provide feedback to the mentor and submit completed evaluation form to the Mentoring Coordinator.

Possible Activities