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The Eclectic Legacy: Academic Philosophy and the Human Sciences in Nineteenth-Century France

by John I. Brooks III

The Eclectic Legacy offers a new interpretation of the emergence of the human sciences from philosophy in France. It argues that philosophy, psychology, and sociology helped redefine each other over the course of the nineteenth century through a prolonged debate over the domain of philosophy, the character of science, and the nature of the human […]

Representing the Professions: Administration, Law, and Theater in Early Modern England

by Edward Gieskes

Representing the Professions unites literary criticism, social and legal history, and Pierre Bourdieu’s sociology of culture. It offers a detailed exploration of the professionalization of selected early modern disciplines in an effort to characterize those disciplines in their social, economic, and historical contexts. Unlike recent work on individual responses to social change, Representing the Professions […]

Living Art: The Life of Paul R. Jones, African American Art Collector

by Margaret L. AndersenNeil F. Thomas

This book is a life history of the African American art collector, Paul R. Jones. Living Art presents the life of a man who grew up during the height of Jim Crow segregation in Alabama, the son of parents who embraced the dual ideals of racial pride and racial integration and who has become one […]

State, Stage, Language: The Production of the Subject

by Juan Carlos Rodrí­guez

Juan Carlos Rodríguez’s State, Stage, Language: The Production of the Subject, now in its third Spanish edition (2001), first appeared in 1984, and has become, alongside his Theory and History of Ideological Production (1974, 1990), one of the classic texts to emerge from the Althusserian tradition. Rodríguez’s project is to analyze the ideological unconscious that […]

Two Different Worlds: Christian Absolutes and the Relativism of Social Science

by Charles E. Garrison

Challenging the assumption that the biblical text is absolutist, this study renders the wall of division between Christian absolutism and cultural relativism indefensible. Its encouraging argument draws upon sociology, anthropology, and analysis of the biblical text.