Submission Guidelines

Authors/editors wishing to submit a manuscript to the University of Delaware Press should first send a proposal that describes the manuscript in some detail. Most commonly the proposal package consists of a cover letter, table of contents, abstract or introduction or sample chapter, and curriculum vitae. All proposal materials should be addressed to:

Prof. Edward Larkin, Interim Director
University of Delaware Press
200A Morris Library
181 South College Avenue
Newark, DE 19717-5267 USA

If interested in evaluating the work, we will encourage you to send us a print and an electronic copy of your completed manuscript.* Upon receipt, two scholars—one external and one internal—will read your work completely and present their recommendations to the Board of Editors who will make the final decision. The Chair will then inform you of the Board’s decision. The University of Delaware Press does not evaluate manuscripts under consideration elsewhere.

The length of the review process—generally several months—varies widely and depends upon the time of year we receive your manuscript and the availability and schedules of our readers, as well as on the Board of Editor’s scheduled meetings. The Board generally meets six times during the academic year, usually in September, October, December, February, April and May.

Please note that the University of Delaware Press does not consider unrevised dissertations for publication. Neither do we evaluate manuscripts under consideration at other presses.

We use the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, in copyediting all manuscripts. Authors/editors should consult the sections of the manual dealing with notes, bibliographies, and indexes. We require the use of endnotes. We cannot accept manuscripts prepared using the MLA style sheet.

For spelling we use Webster’s Third International Dictionary, unabridged, and Merriam-Webster’s Eleventh Collegiate Dictionary. Please use the first spelling given for each word.

*All manuscripts must be double-spaced throughout, including endnotes and bibliography.