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Abstraction and the Classical Ideal, 1760-1920

by Charles A. Cramer

This study traces an important but largely overlooked conception of abstraction in art form from its roots in eighteenth-century empirical epistemology to its application in the pursuit of ideal form from Joshua Reynolds to Piet Mondrian. Theorized by Enlightenment philosophy as a means of discovering ideal essence by purging natural form of its [...]

Series: Studies in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Art and Culture

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Action and Reaction: Proceedings of a Symposium to Commemorate the Tercentenary of Newton’s Principia

Edited by Paul TheermanAdele Seeff

This collection of essays reflects the depth of inquiry and diversity of research that have characterized the last generation of work on Sir Isaac Newton. [...]

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Acts of Reading: Interpretation, Reading Practices, and the Idea of the Book in John Foxe’s Actes and Monuments

Edited by Thomas P. AndersonRyan Netzley

Acts of Reading examines how John Foxe’s Actes and Monuments shaped reading and interpretive practice in the early modern period and addresses the impact of recent electronic editions of Foxe’s text on current reading practice and scholarship. The collection draws on history-of-the-book scholarship to make a plea for the centrality of Foxe [...]

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Admired and Understood: The Poetry of Aphra Behn

by M. L. Stapleton

Admired and Understood analyzes Behn's only pure verse collection, Poems upon Several Occasions (1684), and situates her in her literary milieu. Her book demonstrates her desire for acceptance in her literary culture, to be “admired and understood,” the antithesis of what many surmise from reading her other works—that she saw herself primarily [...]

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The Adventures of a Shakespeare Scholar: To Discover Shakespeare’s Art

by Marvin Rosenberg

Rarely does a scholar single-handedly point Shakespeare study in a new direction. But in the 1950s, Marvin Rosenberg led the way to a wider perspective of the poet-playwright's genius. The essays in this collection, which span Rosenberg's entire career, reflect the remarkable diversity of the scholar's pursuit of his vision. [...]

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Advertising the Self in Renaissance France: Lemaire, Marot, and Rabelais

by Scott Francis

  Advertising the Self in Renaissance France is a study of how authors and readers are represented in printed editions of three major literary figures of the French Renaissance: Jean Lemaire de Belges, Clément Marot, and François Rabelais. Print culture is marked by an anxiety of reception that became much more pronounced with [...]

Series: Early Modern Exchange

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The Aesthetic Body: Passion, Sensibility, and Corporeality in Seventeenth-Century France

by Erec R. Koch

This interdisciplinary study traces the radical changes that occurred in the understanding of the biological body and of human incarnation beginning in the first third of the seventeenth century. It is the first to examine the importance of that new corporeality in the determination of sensibility and passion in French culture of the [...]

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The Aesthetics of the “Beyond”: Phantasm, Nostalgia, and the Literary Practice in Contemporary China

by Jianguo Chen

This book is about an alternative mode of reading, thinking, and representing the intricacies of human experience in Chinese literature of the late twentieth century, which the author calls the aesthetics of the “beyond.” It investigates how contemporary Chinese writers, by means of dynamic interface of literary practice and cultural philosophical considerations, engage [...]

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African Diaspora in the Cultures of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States

Edited by Persephone Braham

Scholars of the African Americas are sometimes segregated from one another by region or period, by language, or by discipline. Bringing together essays on fashion, the visual arts, film, literature, and history, this volume shows how our understanding of the African diaspora in the Americas can be enriched by crossing disciplinary boundaries to [...]

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After Blanchot: Literature, Criticism, Philosophy

Edited by Leslie HillBrian NelsonDimitris Vardoulakis

What does it mean to come after Blanchot? First, it is to recognize that it is no longer possible to believe in an essentialist determination of literary discourse or of aesthetic experience. Second, there is the question of history. What is Blanchot’s legacy to us, his readers? Any name, however irreplaceably singular, is [...]

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After the Final No: Samuel Beckett's Trilogy

by Thomas Cousineau

This study explores the dialectic of destruction and renewal in the work that Samuel Beckett regarded as his masterpiece: the trilogy of novels he wrote after World War II. It interprets the trilogy as presenting a subversive critique of the three idols: mother, father, and self to which humanity has looked for protection [...]

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Against Power: For an Overhaul of Critical Theory

by Giacomo Marramao

In his latest book in the study of power, Giacomo Marramao focuses on the work of two great Central European writers, Elias Canetti and Herta Müller, each of whom, in different periods and contexts, offered a philosophical genealogy of forms of domination and a radical diagnosis of power, command and law. To grasp the [...]

Series: John Cabot University Press

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Aging and the Welfare-State Crisis

by Anne-Marie Guillemard

A historical-sociological viewpoint, which examines the making of policies on aging in France over a century (late nineteenth century to the present), is examined in this book. This case study presents an attempt to understand the formulation of social policies better by studying the long-range interplay between the state and various social forces. [...]

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Alien Visions: The Chechens and the Navajos in Russian and American Literature

by Margaret Ziolkowski

There are many parallels and some revealing differences in the encounter between, on the one hand, the Americans and various Indian tribes and, on the other, the Russians and some of the peoples of the Caucasus and Siberia. The enduring cultural consequences of these encounters provide a fruitful area of inquiry for the [...]

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American Literary Geographies: Spatial Practice and Cultural Production, 1500-1900

Edited by Martin BrücknerHsuan L. Hsu

This interdisciplinary collection of essays explores intersections between geography and American literary history from the earliest geographic chronicles of the New World to the massive geopolitical imaginings of the 1890s. By foregrounding the unsteady nature of geographical boundaries, the physical and imaginary migrations that coexisted with literary nationalism, and the changing attitudes toward [...]

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The American Writer and the University

Edited by Ben Siegel

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Anatomy of Perjury: Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, Via Rasella, and the GINNY Mission

by Richard Raiber, MD

Careful review of microfilmed German operational records led the author to solve a World War II mystery involving Field Marshall Albert Kesselring and the Italian campaign he directed. Facts about two events in March 1944—the Ardeatine Cave Massacre and the failed GINNY II mission—were manipulated, and Kesselring’s 1947 defense was accepted without challenge [...]

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Andrew Marvell's Liminal Lyrics: The Space Between

by Joan Faust

Andrew Marvell's Liminal Lyrics: The Space Between is an interdisciplinary study of the major lyric poems of 17th-century British metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell. The poet and his work have generally proven enigmatic to scholars because both refuse to fit into normal categories and expectations. This study invites Marvell readers to view the [...]

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Andy Warhol: Behind the Camera

by Stephen Petersen

This book opens with an essay by Stephen Petersen on Andy Warhol’s ongoing experimentation with instant photography, made possible by development of the popular Polaroid Big Shot camera and other point and shoot cameras in the 1970s. Petersen also discusses over sixty images including Polaroids and black and white prints, with new research [...]

Series: University Museums of the University of Delaware

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Antisemitism and Philosemitism in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: Representing Jews, Jewishness, and Modern Culture

Edited by Phyllis LassnerLara Trubowitz

This book of essays provides a significant reappraisal of discussions of anti-Semitism and philosemitism. An outstanding group of contributors from political theory, film, English, gender studies, and history demonstrates that analysis of philosemitic attitudes is as crucial as are investigations of anti-Semitism. Topics include F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Hannah Arendt’s politics, [...]

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“Arms, and the Man, I sing…”: A Preface to Dryden's Aeneid

by Arvid Løsnes

This study—referred to as a “preface”—is given this designation because its aim is not to offer an up-to-date overall assessment of Dryden’s translation of Virgil’s Aeneid, but rather to provide a valid basis for such an assessment. In this it seeks to provide a comprehensive analysis of relevant areas—i.e. the “conditions of expression”—forming [...]

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Arras Hanging: The Textile That Determined Early Modern Literature and Drama

by Rebecca Olson

Textiles have long provided metaphors for storytelling: a compelling novel “weaves a tapestry” and we enjoy hearing someone “spin” a tale. To what extent, however, should we take these metaphors seriously? Arras Hanging: The Textile That Determined Early Modern Literature and Drama reveals that in the early modern period, when cloth-making was ubiquitous [...]

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Art and Artifact in Jane Austen’s Novels and Early Writings

Edited by Anna Battigelli

Jane Austen distinguished herself with genius in literature, but she was immersed in all of the arts. Austen loved dancing, played the piano proficiently, meticulously transcribed piano scores, attended concerts and art exhibits, read broadly, wrote poems, sat for portraits by her sister Cassandra, and performed in theatricals. For her, art functioned as [...]

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Art and Culture in the Eighteenth Century: New Dimensions and Multiple Perspectives

Edited by Elise Goodman

This study joins the resurgent scholarship presently redressing the neglect of eighteenth-century visual culture since the beginning of the twentieth century. This volume offers nine contextual and cross-disciplinary essays that engage with a rich panoply of discourses ranging from art criticism to biography, to collecting and the art market, to art theory and [...]

Series: Studies in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Art and Culture

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The Art of Procrastination: Baudelaire’s Poetry in Prose

by Cheryl Leah Krueger

How does Baudelaire’s prose poetry tell (human/modern/literary) time, and how do time and narrative tell the story of the poème en prose? Using textual analysis informed by a wide range of scholarship on Baudelaire, modernity, and narrative theory, Krueger argues that what lies beneath the genre’s obvious evocation of formal and literary tensions [...]

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The Art of Restraint: English Poetry from Hardy to Larkin

by Richard Hoffpauir

Richard Hoffpauir argues that the works of the best poets have found ways of not capitulating to contemporary reality and outlines the terms of the debate by setting the weaknesses of Yeats against the strengths of Hardy. Subsequent chapters discuss the nature poetry of Edward Thomas; the war poetry of Graves, Blunden, and [...]

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The Art of the Persian Letters: Unlocking Montesquieu’s “Secret Chain”

by Randolph Paul Runyon

Some thirty years after the initial publication of Montesquieu’s Persian Letters in 1721, the author hinted at the presence of “a secret, and somehow unnoticed, chain” tying together this entertaining, insightful, yet disparate collection of fictional letters to and from two Persian travelers in France. Ever since Montesquieu’s subtle hint, readers have tried [...]

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The Artist as Original Genius: Shakespeare’s “Fine Frenzy” in Late Eighteenth-Century British Art

by William L. Pressly

This book examines the first generation of artists in Britain to define themselves as history painters, attempting what then was considered to be art’s most exalted category. These ambitious artists, including John Hamilton Mortimer, Henry Fuseli, Alexander and John Runciman, James Barry, James Jefferys, George Romney, John Flaxman, and William Blake, most of [...]

Series: Studies in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Art and Culture

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Aspects of Samuel Johnson: Essays on His Arts, Mind, Afterlife, and Politics

by Howard D. Weinbrot

Howard D. Weinbrot’s Aspects of Samuel Johnson: Essays on His Arts, Mind, Afterlife, and Politics collects earlier and new essays on Johnson’s varied achievements in lexicography, poetry, narrative, and prose style. It considers Johnson’s uses of the general and the particular as they relate to the reader’s role in the creative process, his [...]

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At Home and Abroad in the Empire: British Women Write the 1930s

Edited by Robin HackettFreda HauserGay Wachman

This book builds upon critical reevaluations of modernism and British literature of the 1930s with a simultaneous focus on discourses of race, gender, and empire. The essays direct attention to the complications and ambivalence accumulating around the meanings of Englishness. They reject analyses of texts as chronicles of personal psychological development in favor [...]

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Attending to Early Modern Women: Conflict and Concord

Edited by Karen Nelson

This volume considers women’s roles in the conflicts and negotiations of the early modern world. Essays explore the ways gender shapes women’s agency in times of war, religious strife, and economic change. How were conflict and concord gendered in histories, literature, music, and political, legal, didactic, and religious treatises? Four interdisciplinary plenary topics ground [...]

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Augustan Subjects: Essays in Honor of Martin C. Battestin

Edited by Albert J. Rivero

The fifteen essays in this volume honor Battestin’s many contributions to our understanding and appreciation of the literature and art of the Augustan period. Spanning over one hundred years, the essays focus on writers such as Behn, Swift, Defoe, and Pope, as well as Fielding’s connections with Richardson and Smollett’s fictional heroines. [...]

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Austen’s Oughts: Judgment after Locke and Shaftesbury

by Karen Valihora

The word is all over Austen’s novels: what ought to be done, what one ought to say, how one ought to feel (versus how one does feel). When Austen’s characters employ an ought, the delicate oscillation between first- and third-person perspectives that marks her prose leads the reader to distinguish between what they [...]

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Authorship in the Long Eighteenth Century

by Dustin Griffin

This book deals with changing conditions and conceptions of authorship in the long eighteenth century, a period often said to have witnessed the birth of the modern author. It focuses not on authorial self-presentation or self-revelation but on an author’s interactions with booksellers, collaborators, rivals, correspondents, patrons, and audiences. Challenging older accounts of [...]

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