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Creator:Penn, William, 1644-1718
Title:William Penn instructions to William Keith
Call No:MSS 0098, F0066
Abstract:Founder of the Pennsylvania colony William Penn sent these instructions to William Keith appointing him as Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania and the Counties of New Castle, Kent,[...] and Sussex upon Delaware, on November 29, 1716. This is a handwritten copy on parchment recorded from Patent Book A, No. 5, pages 229-232, affixed with the seal of the Land Office of Pennsylvania and signed by Secretary of said office, James Brady, on June 16, 1823.
Subjects:Pennsylvania | Pennsylvania--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775 | Delaware--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:Notebook of handicraft instructions
Call No:MSS 0093, Item 0007
Abstract:This notebook contains twenty-two handwritten pages of instructions, illustrations, and samples for a making a portfolio, working with metals and leather, and constructing a scrapbook and a tape-sewn book, as[...] well as threading a handloom.
Subjects:Handicraft--History--20th century | Bookbinding--History--20th century | Metal-work--History--20th century | Scrapbooks--History--20th century | More Subjects
Creator:Maton, Charles
Title:Cours de Tissage de Saint-Quentin
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0169
Abstract:This late nineteenth-century French manuscript, handwritten and illustrated by Charles Maton, is entitled Cours de Tissage de Saint-Quentin and contains technical instructions and diagrams for weaving a variety of textiles[...] on different types of looms.
Subjects:Weaving--Handbooks, manuals, etc.--19th century | Jacquard weaving--Handbooks, manuals, etc.--19th century | Weavers
Creator:Motion, John
Title:John Motion Coats Laboratory notebook of dye recipes
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0171
Abstract:This manuscript book of textile dye recipes and colorful sample swatches was created by John Motion at the Coats Thread Co. in 1891.
Subjects:Color in the textile industries--History--19th century | Dyes and dyeing--Handbooks, manuals, etc. | Dyes and dyeing--History--19th century | Dyes and dyeing--Chemistry | More Subjects
Creator:Puymaurin, Jean-Pierre-Casimir de Marcassus, baron de, 1757-1841
Title:Receueil d'Observations
Call No:MSS 0095, Item 0032
Abstract:This bound nineteenth-century French manuscript is a sort of commonplace book, written in part and compiled by Jean-Pierre-Casimir Marcassus de Puymaurin, records his observations about many different subjects, including agriculture,[...] rural economic concerns, manufacturing developments, scientific experiments, medical and pharmacological remedies and recipes, historical events, and political topics.
Subjects:Agriculture--France--History--18th century | Agriculture--France--History--19th century | Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions--History--19th century | Politics, practical--France--History--18th century | More Subjects
Creator:Studer, Heinrich
Title:Instructional dyeing receipt book
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0161
Abstract:This manuscript by Heinrich Studer is written in German and gives instructions for dyeing, bleaching, and textile printing.
Subjects:Color in the textile industries--History--19th century | Dyes and dyeing--Handbooks, manuals, etc. | Dyes and dyeing--History--19th century | Textile industry--Germany--History--19th century | More Subjects