Try UDStax: the Library, Museums and Press AI Chatbot

UDStax can answer simple questions about library resources and services. For research questions, we highly recommend you Ask a Librarian.

How was UDStax created?

UDStax was created using Chatbase, an AI-chatbot builder that utilizes ChatGPT 3.5 technology. It draws on data from certain parts of the Library, Museums and Press website, as well as from our FAQs. Please note that UDStax is not a research tool and does not include data from our Online Catalog, Special Collections Finding Aids or our Research Guides.

Are the answers from UDStax trustworthy?

One of the known issues with all AI-based tools is the potential for incorrect, biased, and/or harmful information. Responses outside of the scope of the provided data, known as “hallucinations,” can also occur, as well as references to non-existent URLs. Library staff are actively monitoring and reviewing UDStax’s responses for quality control and continual improvement, and retraining happens every 24 hours. However, we still recommend you double-check all UDStax answers via the website or by chatting with library staff.

What about privacy?

We take privacy seriously at the Library, Museums, and Press. No personal information, beyond the chat logs, is kept by the system unless provided by you in the course of your UDStax conversation. However, we do not recommend sharing any personally identifiable information with UDStax.

Where can I learn more about generative AI?

Check out our tutorial.

How do I provide feedback about UDStax?

Please provide feedback or let us know of any problems or concerns via the UDStax AI Chatbot Feedback form.