Office Delivery

Collections Sharing and Delivery delivers books and other materials to departmental offices on the Newark campus through the University’s Campus Mail Services.

Eligibility and Policies

All University of Delaware faculty and staff on the Newark campus are eligible for this service.

All books that are available to be checked out in the Morris Library, Library Annex, Chemistry Library, and Physics Library will be delivered.  Items that have been requested on Interlibrary Loan and that are permitted to leave the Library also will be delivered.

Items from Special Collections, Marine Studies, and the Student Multimedia Design Center are not eligible for campus delivery. Film & Video Collection materials also are not eligible for campus delivery.  Due to their short loan periods and the time-sensitive nature of media booking, campus mail is not a suitable delivery method.  (Scheduled Film & Video items may be returned via campus mail.)

Items that cannot be easily mailed, such as multi-volume sets and large items, may be excluded from this service at the discretion of Collections Sharing and Delivery staff.  Materials received through Interlibrary Loan that are restricted to use only in the Morris Library or which have a loan period that is shorter than one week will not be delivered.  If an item cannot be delivered, you will receive a notification that the material is being held for you to pick up at the Morris Library.

Materials may be returned in person to the Morris Library or by campus mail addressed to the Interlibrary Loan Office, Morris Library.

All items will be checked out to your Library Account, and you will be responsible for them while they are in transit.  Items borrowed from University of Delaware collections will be checked out in accordance with your borrower status.  Items borrowed through Interlibrary Loan have variable due dates which are assigned by the lending library. Due dates for all materials can be viewed in you DELCAT account.

Placing Office Delivery Requests

Users logging into their ILL account for the first time will be able to choose “Office Delivery” as their permanent pickup location. Any items borrowed from other libraries will then be sent to your campus address. Eligible users who would like to change their permanent pickup location from Morris Library to Office Delivery should contact Collections Sharing and Delivery. To request a locally available item for Office Delivery, use DELCAT Discovery to search for and identify the materials you need. Sign in with your DELCAT account to view request options. After signing in, eligible users will be able to click “Request” and choose “Office Delivery” from the dropdown menu.


Items will be delivered to the building in the campus address on file for you in the University of Delaware Directory.  You will receive an email from Collections Sharing and Delivery when your item has been packaged for shipment through Campus Mail Services.  Items will typically arrive within four business days.