The Library, Museums and Press (hereafter referred to as the Library) are fundamental to ensuring the realization of the University of Delaware’s goals and aspirations. We, the Library staff, honor the accomplishments of the Library’s past while embracing the possibilities ...

Student Success and Learning

The Library empowers students to effectively research, explore and demonstrate their knowledge. Expert staff inspire self-directed, lifelong learning beyond the classroom. We support students’ critical engagement with information sources in a variety of formats. Student needs and achievements are evaluated ...

Research, Scholarship and Discovery

The Library increases the value and impact of research, scholarship and discovery through excellent collections, interdisciplinary activity and innovative methods of information management. We contribute expertise throughout the research lifecycle, from conceptualization to actualization. The Library provides leadership in scholarly ...

Library as Place

The Library is a welcoming place to study, learn and create. We facilitate activities ranging from individual contemplation to group collaboration. Our spaces (physical and virtual) support library operations and user needs for intellectual exploration, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Library ...

Partnership and Collaboration

We actively seek out partnerships and collaboration locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to expand knowledge and advance the mission of the University through collective strengths. We achieve more together than we do individually. Goals Communicate the value of the Library’s ...


Finalized in Spring 2017, this strategic plan guides the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press in planning, decision-making and resource allocation.

Shaped by environmental scans of selected comparator institution libraries, focus groups with stakeholders and broad input from Library staff, the strategic plan is an aspirational and living document that articulates an agenda aligned with strategic directions outlined by President Assanis.

To achieve our goals, the Library will continually assess and adjust our progress, process and operations using the strategic directions on the following pages as guidance.


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