Two Epson V600 Scanners on roll-up carts.

Two Epson V600 color flatbed scanners are available for use on the computers in the Student Multimedia Design Center.

These can scan A4 or US letter size documents or photographs (up to 8.5″ × 11.7″) at 54400 × 74880 pixels at 6400 dpi optical resolution.  Included with these scanners are transparent media adapters for scanning slides, negatives, and other non-print materials.  More than one piece of transparent media may be scanned at a time, including 12 frames of 35 mm film strip; 4 35 mm slides; or up to 22 cm of 6 cm medium format film.

The scanners are kept on carts near the service desk and may be rolled to any computer when needed.

There is one Book ScanCenter scanner in the information room, opposite the Circulation desk, two more in the reference room and one additional Book ScanCenter scanner one each of the other three floors of the Library. Scanning is free.

Walk-up ScannX scanner stations in Student Multimedia Design Center.

The six Book ScanCenter devices can:

  • Scan books and documents into searchable PDF, Word doc, JPEG, TIFF and PNG file formats in color, greyscale, or black and white.
  • Send scanned files to: email, a smartphone or tablet, or USB flash drive

Scanner use is limited to two hours per person when other users are waiting.