Guidelines for Faculty Using Reserves

The Course Reserve service is designed for the Library to enable access to items provided by faculty that are in high demand by students to fulfill their course requirements. Please follow these guidelines when submitting course lists for reserve reading.

On-Site Reserves at the Morris Library

On-Site Reserves at the Branch Libraries

Electronic Reserves

Completing the Form

Faculty and instructors may use the On-Site Reserves Form Word Document in Microsoft Word to place physical copies of books and selected readings on on-site reserve. Lists submitted using this form may include library books, VHS tapes, DVDs and/or personal copies of material. Library books will be retrieved by library staff. (Please note that books obtained through Interlibrary Loan cannot be placed on Reserve.) All personal copy material must be brought to the Morris Library Circulation and Reserve Desk before processing can begin.

Please fill in all required fields. Using the “tab” key will move the cursor from one field to the next. A blank form can be obtained by downloading and printing out the form without completing any fields.

Reserve forms should be typed and double-spaced between items for ease of use. On-Site Reserves forms are also available at the Circulation and Reserve Desk in the Morris Library, through academic department offices, or by calling the Circulation and Reserve Office at (302) 831-2455. A reserve item will be made available to students exactly as it is submitted by the faculty member. Complete author and title information is necessary to assist students in identifying material needed for class assignments.

  • For Books Owned by the Library:

    Enter the complete call number in the left most column of the form. Consult DELCAT Discovery for the correct call number. (For example: TK5103.2 .M578 2013.) Enter all appropriate bibliographic information in the middle column (For example: Gibson, Jerry. MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS HANDBOOK. 3rd ed., 2013)

  • For Books Owned by the Faculty Member:

    Please leave the left most column marked “call number” blank. The library will place an accession number in this space. In the middle column, please enter the author and title of the book. The title should not exceed two lines.

  • For DVDs, Video Cassettes and Photocopied Articles:

    Please leave the left most column marked “call number” blank. The library will place an accession number in this space. In the middle column, please enter author and title for a photocopied article or video cassette or a generic title for a collection of materials to be put in one folder to assist students in identifying the item. The description should not exceed two lines. No more than 10 copies of each personal copy title may be placed on reserve. Video rentals cannot be placed on Reserve, only personal copies or videos provided by IT-University Media Services. Materials from the Library‚Äôs Film and Video Collection may be designated for In Building Use via the Film & Video Collection Scheduling Request Form. Please contact the Film & Video Collection at (302) 831-8461 or online at Ask Film & Video for more information.

When all material has been listed on the On-Site Reserves Form, print it out and bring it to the Morris Library Circulation and Reserve Desk along with any personal copy material to be placed on reserve. If you have only library books to be placed on reserve, you may submit the form by visiting

Faculty and instructors who wish to place course materials on reserve in one of the three University of Delaware Branch Libraries can view guidelines at:

To Avoid Delays in Processing a Reserve List:

Please be certain to include the following information essential to placing items on reserve:

  • Course title.
  • The four letter Department abbreviation,course number and section number.
  • Instructor’s name.
  • Semester or session the materials may be taken off reserve.
  • Loan period. The options are 2 hour, 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days.

Creating a List of Library Books in DELCAT Discovery

Faculty and instructors who are placing only library books on reserve, may create a list of books in DELCAT Discovery and email the name of the list and the URL of the list to the Morris Library Course Reserve staff.

  • Click on “WorldCat (Sign in)” located in the top right corner of the screen. If you do not already have a WorldCat account, you will need to create one. A WorldCat account is separate from your Library Account.
  • Once you have logged in, search for the first item you would like to place on your course reserves list. When searching for items for this list, change the default setting for “Libraries to search” from Libraries Worldwide to University of Delaware Library.
  • Once you have found the item, place a checkmark in the check box next to the title.
  • At the top of the search results list it will say “Save to New List.” Click the Save button next to it.
  • You will be taken to a page that says “Create New List.”
  • Create a name for the list and keep the List Privacy setting as Public.
  • Click “Create New List.”
  • Proceed with your searching, adding items to the list. When saving items to the list, confirm that the items are being saved to the correct list.
  • When you have selected all of the books that are needed for your course reserve list, copy the URL.
  • In the Description field directly above the top of the list, include: your name, the course number, the semester or session that the materials can be taken off reserve and the loan period for the material. Loan period options are 2 hour, 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days.

Notify Course Reserve Staff that the List is Available for Processing

  • In an email addressed to, place the course prefix and number, and section number in the “Subject” field. You may wish to CC yourself for your records.
  • Type the name of the list and paste the URL of the list into the body of the email. The email can then be sent.

Adding Materials to an Existing Reserve Reading List

Up to three titles may be added to an existing Reserve list by using an “Add form.” “Add” forms are available at the Circulation and Reserve Desk or by calling (302) 831-2455. More than three additions will require a new “Reserve Reading List” form. Reading list forms are available at the bottom of this page, at the Circulation and Reserve Desk, or by calling (302) 831-2455.

Processing of Reserve Forms

Reserve Forms are processed in order of receipt. Typically five working days is necessary for processing material. Please verify that a Reserve Form has been received and the processing completed before assigning readings. Inquiries can be made by calling the Course Reserve staff at (302) 831-2455.

If a requested item is not available for course reserve use because it is missing from the shelf, a replacement copy will be ordered after a search has been conducted. Items which are charged to a library borrower at the time a request is submitted to place them on course reserves are recalled immediately.

Removal of Reserve Materials

Library materials will be removed from reserve by library staff at the end of the designated semester. Personal copies of monographs, photocopied articles and other personal copies will be returned to the instructor in care of the Department at the end of the designated semester.

The Circulation and Reserve Office cannot accept responsibility for replacing lost personal copies. Instructors will be notified when a personal copy is 15 days overdue.

On-Site Reserves Form Word Document

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