Digital Badges at the Library, Museums, and Press

Digital Badges are a way for you to take credit for learning that happens outside the classroom. They include a visual graphic and data about what you learned, the steps you took to complete the learning, and when the badge was awarded. You can link your digital badge in social media profiles, resume, emails, cover letters, and more. They’re both recognition and proof of your accomplishments.

Digital Badge Programs

The following University of Delaware Digital Badge Programs are currently being offered by the Library, Museums and Press:

To learn more about the digital badges available through the Library, Museums, and Press, contact Maria Barefoot:

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Maria Barefoot
Associate Librarian and Online Learning Librarian

Student Success and Curriculum Partnerships

(302) 831-6230

Visit the Professional and Continuing Studies Digital Badges and Credentials page to see all digital badges currently offered at University of Delaware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can earn a digital badge?

Digital Badges are open to students, faculty, and staff of the UD community. You must have an active University of Delaware ID and password to access many of the resources in our programs.

How do I register?

Use the register link on the selected digital badge page above to register. This lets the badge administrator know that you intend to complete the badge and allows them to send you badge information and updates.

You’ll also need to register for the individual workshops you plan to attend, since some badges give you a range of workshop options.

Is there a cost?

No, our badges are a free service of the Library, Museums, and Press for UD affiliated patrons.

Why should I sign up for a badge?

Library workshops are a great way to advance your learning. Digital badges build on these workshops through hands-on experiences. By signing up for a badge, you’ll be able to take credit for that learning in your resume, social media profiles, and emails. The badge verifies for both you and employers what concepts you learned and what work you did to earn that knowledge.

Are there other badge opportunities at the University of Delaware?

The Professional and Continuing Studies department hosts a Digital Badge Program FAQ page about digital badges and the digital badge program at the University of Delaware.