Large-Format Printing

Photo of Large Format Printer

The HP DesignJet Z6dr printer in the Student Multimedia Design Center prints PDF files on a 36″ wide roll of matte or glossy paper for $5.00 per linear foot ($2.50 per six inches),  on a 36″ wide roll of canvas for $10.00 per linear foot ($5.00 per six inches), or on a 42″ wide roll of adhesive fabric for $10.00 per linear foot ($5.00 per six inches). The printable width of the paper is 36″ while the printable width of the canvas is 35.5″ and for adhesive fabric it is 41.5″. The maximum length for printing is 12 feet (120″). PDF images should be designed with that dimension specified to avoid distortion or loss of detail.

Large-Format Printing Fees

Type of Paper and Price


Glossy or matte paper (36″ wide) 6″ $2.50
Glossy or matte paper (36″ wide) 12″ $5.00
Canvas (35.5″ wide) 6″ $5.00
Canvas (35.5″ wide) 12″ $10.00
Adhesive Fabric (42″ wide) 6″ $5.00
Adhesive Fabric (42″ wide) 12″ $10.00

Here are a few examples of charges for typical large format printing:

32″ x 60″ poster on glossy paper (requires five linear feet at $5/ft, MAX length) $25.00
24″ x 36″ map on matte paper (requires two linear feet at $5/ft) $10.00
18″ x 32″ photo on canvas (requires 1.5 linear feet at $10/ft) $15.00
40″ x 36″ photo on adhesive fabric (requires three linear feet at $10/ft) $30.00

Please allow adequate time for the printing and drying of large format images. Glossy, matte and adhesive fabric papers dry nearly instantly once printed. For canvas prints, we recommend they lay flat for 24 hours to cure prior to hanging, folding, or rolling. People may watch posters being printed through the window or may leave and return later to claim their prints. Staff are not responsible for any PDF that is formatted incorrectly or for poster ink fading over time.


OriginLab software creates graphs used in many science and engineering disciplines. While the TIFF or PNG graph images it generates appear to have a white background when pasted into a poster design, their background is transparent and these graphs print as black rectangles when the PDF version is printed. To print OriginLab-generated graphs with the desired background color, convert the TIFF files to JPEG files and use the JPEG files in the poster.

Instructions for designing attractive, cost-effective posters

Templates for basic posters

Glossy paper, 36″ edge to edge printing

Matte paper, 35.5″ printable area

Canvas, 35.5″ printable area

Templates for UD Research Posters prepared by the UD Office of Communications & Marketing

Glossy paper, 36″ edge to edge printing

Matte paper, 35.5″ printable area

University of Delaware Communications and Public Affairs office: Graphics standards website includes these additional resources:

After the poster is designed, follow these steps to have it printed:

  • Please call 302-831-8832 to ask if the printer is available.
  • Bring print-ready PDF files on a USB drive to the service desk. (Hint: including your name, such as myname_poster.pdf, as part of the file name helps avoid confusion!)
  • If paying using PeopleSoft SpeedType/Account Code, complete an online Request for Service – Large Format Printing webform, specifying “Student Multimedia Design Center (SMDC), Morris Library” as the location.
  • Staff will confirm the image size, quote the price, and receive payment using Flex, cash, credit card, or check before printing.

Creating and Printing an 11″ x 17″ Flyer

Microsoft Word may be used to create a four page booklet or flyer but the document needs to be formatted correctly before staff can print it on 11″ x 17″ paper. Use the instructions and sample below to understand the steps needed to create a PDF file that can be printed by the Center.

Copy services charges for two sided booklets printed at the service desk cost are the same as for other photocopies: 60¢ per side for color ($1.20) or 20¢ per side for black and white (40¢). Authors are responsible for folding or stapling their own booklets.

In addition to the Student Multimedia Design Center, University of Delaware users may print large format materials using HP DesignJet Z6100 Poster Printing in UD’s Smith Hall during computing site’s hours of operation.

Anyone may take large format printing projects to commercial establishments, such as FedEx Office and Shamrock Printing (vendor names included for informational purposes). Shamrock Printing prints on 36″ to 44″ paper while Fedex Office prints on paper up to 60″ wide. Both can print banners.