The Research Data Steering Group (RDSG) was formed in 2020 as a concerted effort by the Research Office, Campus IT, and the Library, Museums and Press to improve research data support across the University of Delaware. RDSG personnel can provide guidance for researchers about the collection, description, storage, sharing, and preservation of research data.

If you are a researcher at the University of Delaware who is looking for support in managing your data, contact us today.

Our Team

Contact RDSG to get in touch with the appropriate person by emailing lib-rdsg@udel.edu.

    • Dr. Daniel Peart, Data Services Librarian (Chair)
      • Data cleaning, analysis, visualization, storage, and preservation
      • Assistance developing data management plans
    • Sarah Katz, Health Sciences Librarian
      • Assistance with using the DMPTool (Data Management Planning Tool)
      • Data management instruction and outreach
    • Michael Kyle, Research Computing Security Analyst in UD Campus IT
      • High performance computing and research storage consulting
      • Secure data storage and compliance consulting
      • Assist with UD’s Science DMZ and National Computing Partnerships
    • Sabine Lanteri, Science Liaison Librarian
      • Advise on research data management best practices and DMP Tool for data management planning
      • Assist with questions relating to data repositories
    • Dr. Paige Morgan, Digital Publishing and Copyright Librarian, Head, Digital Initiatives and Preservation Department
      • Assistance with submitting research output to UDSpace, the University of Delaware Institutional Repository
      • Consultations on data licensing and IP issues
    • Jennifer Roth, Research Education Manager
      • Research Office liaison
      • Works with the RDSG to communicate updates and services to the wider campus audience
    • William Simpson, Associate and Science Liaison Librarian
      • Advise on research data management best practices
      • Assist with questions relating to data repositories
    • Michael Stewart, Metadata Librarian
      • Consultations on and assistance with metadata and documentation
      • Consultations and workshops on data cleaning
      • Consultations on data transformation, crosswalking, and migration
    • Kaitlyn Tanis, History and Social Sciences Librarian
      • Help identify subject-specific data repositories in the social sciences and humanities
    • Alison Wessel, Social Sciences Librarian
      • Consultation on identifying subject-specific data repositories and navigating the social science data landscape
      • Assistance with locating research funding