Giving Priorities

Giving Priorities

Since the last major renovation to Morris Library in 1986, libraries across the world have transformed into hubs for activity, collaboration and concentration. Today, the Library encompasses Morris Library, three branch libraries, three Museum gallery spaces and the UD Press. Combined, the Library serves as a resource for scholars from all disciplines to create, evaluate and consume information.

With your support, the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press will grow with the expanding and diversifying needs of the more than 1 million UD students, faculty, staff and community members who visit annually.

Here are the priorities your donations will support:

Morris Library Renovation

To make effective use of all space within the building, the Library will reimagine the physical areas to increase seating capacity, improve wayfinding, provide prominent locations for services and exhibitions, and consolidate Special Collections into one easily accessible location.

Student Research Assistance

By establishing opportunities for students to conduct research with primary source materials, the Library will provide students with hands-on research experience and help them disseminate and showcase this work through publications and conferences.

Digitization, Preservation and Collection Support

In order to facilitate global access to Library resources, the Library will digitize the physical collections and preserve tangible objects, as well as acquire new material and encourage use of the circulating collections, electronic collections and material within Special Collections and Museums.


Through internal grants for programs, the Library will foster collaboration with and support faculty in the sharing of their research with the community and highlighting their use of Library resources.

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