Room Reservations for Non-Library Events

Requests for academic or administrative meetings or events space may be accommodated by a reservation of the Class of 1941 Lecture Room. Whenever possible, the Library would like to collaborate with the group requesting use of the room for an event. The Library does not offer space to be scheduled for regular class meetings; contact the registrar’s office for appropriate classroom space.

Class of 1941 Lecture Room Reservation Policy

Class of 1941 Lecture Room

Reservation requests are encouraged at least four weeks in advance, but not more than six months out.

There is a $250.00 charge per day for using the Class of 1941 Lecture Room whenever Library staff is not involved in the meeting or event. This payment must be sent by journal voucher two days after reserving the room.

To check availability for an event, please contact Kris Raser, Multimedia Project Manager, at You are encouraged to make an appointment to see the space to ensure that it will meet your needs. An event should not be advertised until you receive confirmation of your reservation.

The Class of 1941 Lecture Room can only be reserved for meetings/events that begin during hours the Library is open and must end one hour before the Library Help Center closes. If catering, AV or movers are used for the reservation, the event/meeting cannot start until the building has been open for at least one hour.

When finished using the space, the room should be left the way you found it. If the room is found with trash that was not disposed of properly or damage that was not reported, the department requesting the reservation will be held responsible for replacement of damaged items and extra custodial services.


Cancellation of a room reservation must be made at least ten business days prior to the date of the event in order to have the $250.00 room fee refunded. Cancellations received within nine business days of the event will not be eligible for a refund.

If there are unforeseen circumstances that occur with the facility that will impact the ability to keep the room reservation, the Library will communicate this information as soon as possible and the room fee will be refunded.

Standard Room Information

The Class of 1941 Lecture Room is the room located immediately inside the first set of glass doors to the Library, directly across from the Commons. The room can be accessed without having to go through the Library turnstiles.

This room is routinely set in classroom style with approximately 56 chairs that have tablet arms. In the back of the room, additional chairs are stacked for use as needed, as well as a coat rack and two tables that can be used for refreshments, literature or name tag use. In the front left of the room is a large podium and a board table that seats eight. With two tables in the back of the room, the Lecture Room can fit approximately 70 chairs. Without the tables, it can fit approximately 80 chairs.

There are pictures on the wall that cannot be removed for your event. If you would like to hang anything lightweight on the wall, you can use a tack to fasten it to the wall cloth, but please do not use tape on the windows. There is also an enclosed white board at the front of the room, which could be used as a location to tape posters (the white board cannot be used at the same time as the projector).

There are three window treatments in the Lecture Room for both windows. The closest to the window is the black-out shade curtains, the middle curtains are the sheer curtains, and the inner-room curtains are the mauve color curtains. There are three pull cords for each set of curtains on the side.

If you are thinking about using signage/posters just outside the entrance of the Lecture Room, please request use of our wooden easel. The pegs of the easel are adjustable, but the sign must be at least 16” wide. Library display monitors cannot be used for events that do not involve the Library.

Any signage that mentions the location of the room should be written as, “Morris Library, Class of 1941 Lecture Room.”


Movers/Catering Options

The same JV information used for the room cost will be used to cover these expenses.  Most catering events held in the Lecture Room are with Service Type 1, which means your planning team would be responsible for cleaning up the refreshments following the event. The two small tables or the long board table can be used for refreshments.


AV/Computer Setup in the Room

There is a projector, an HDMI connection for laptops and a handheld wireless microphone in a stand at the podium at the front of the room. Audio from the microphone and from the computer plays through the PA speakers in the room. Volume is controlled via the control panel on the wall at the front of the room.

Any presenters using this equipment or connection should arrive at least a half hour before the event to connect their laptop, and to test their presentation with the audio equipment. Remember that if the speaker is from outside of UD and does not have an existing eduroam account from another .edu institution, a guest Wi-Fi connection may need to be set up. The guest connection is only valid for 24 hours.



If an event is open to the greater community, advise your audience that Pay to Park facilities are available in the Visitors’ Lot #41 on South College Avenue, the Trabant University Center Garage on Main Street, the Perkins Student Center Garage on Academy Street and the Center for the Arts Garage on Amstel Avenue. Hourly parkers will pay the kiosk upon arrival using their vehicle license plate. The PassPort app is also available for each location.


Day-of-Event Procedures

  • Arrive at least an hour prior to the start of the event to check room and AV setups and ensure catering is as expected.  Go to the Help Center located on the left hand side when entering through the turnstiles, etc. The Help Center is aware of reservations and will let you into the room when you arrive. If you have to leave the room for any reason or your meeting/event ends early, notify the Help Center to lock the door.
  • There are two light controllers. One on the left when users enter the room and one on the right at the front of the room. There is a main on/off switch on both controllers and dimmer sliders to control the brightness of the lights.
  • If anything is damaged in the room or the room is not clean, please report this to Kris Raser,, so that we can rectify the matter prior to the start of the event, if possible.
  • There is an “event in progress” sign inside the room that you may put outside the room, if desired, before the event/meeting begins and returned inside the room when the meeting/event is completed. Use of this sign is optional. Sometimes the sign helps reduce the noise just outside the room.
  • The large podium is on wheels. You may lock the wheels, if desired, to avoid having the podium move during a meeting/event.
  • The person responsible for the event should plan to remain in the room during the event. If catering is involved, the person responsible should be there for setup and for clean-up.


At the end of the event:

  • All food, edibles and paper tablecloths should be thrown in the trash in the Lecture Room.
  • If linen tablecloths, coffee carafes or plastic pitchers were used from UD Catering, give them to Library, Museums and Press staff to return to Dining Services.
  • If your event is on a Saturday or Sunday, please take the trash with you and dispose of it in the trash dumpster near the Library loading dock.
  • If only a couple of chairs were moved and UD Movers were not used, restore the room to classroom fashion.
  • Before leaving, the “event in progress” sign and/or easel should be brought back into the room. Also remember to turn off the AV system, turn off the light and return any adapters to the Help Center and notify them to lock the door.