Community Norms for Morris Library

In accordance with the Library mission, vision and values, we operate with transparency and accountability. We recognize the dignity of all people in public and private discourse and engage in dialogue that builds trust and fosters collaboration. Thus, we value and cultivate the free exchange of ideas, and condemn speech or action that threatens the physical or psychological safety of any member of our community.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are available for purchase in Morris Library Commons (The Nest), located inside the front entrance of Morris Library. Food, beverages and seating are available for all users.

In support of University and Library values to create a welcoming environment, and to enhance and maintain the Library’s collections, furnishings and study spaces, the following policies exist regarding food and drink within Morris Library:

  • All types of food are allowed in Morris Library Commons, which includes seating and a food service area called The Nest.
  • Light snacks and covered drinks are allowed in most areas of Morris Library. Exceptions are listed below.
  • In consideration of others, please do not eat noisy snacks or bring in messy, aromatic foods, such as pizza.
  • Please discard all trash when you leave a study spot. Trash and recycling receptacles are located on each floor.


To ensure effective use of specialized areas, please do not bring food or drink (except water in a sealed container) into these areas on the lower level of Morris Library:

  • The Student Multimedia Design Center classrooms, studios and the microforms room.
  • The Film and Video Collection, including all spaces inside the glass doors, such as individual and group carrels and the Viewing Room.

To protect rare books and manuscripts, please do not bring any type of food or beverages into:

  • The Special Collections Reading Room and Gallery, located on the second floor of Morris Library, and classrooms where Special Collections materials are being used.

To ensure a safe environment for all users, appliances to prepare food and beverages are not permitted in Morris Library.

If complaints are received at a service desk, Library or Public Safety staff may ask users with food to relocate to a more appropriate dining area.


Phone / Video / Audio

Common sense and courtesy are the order of the day. Please silence your mobile devices while in the Library. If you need to make or take a phone call, please move to a location away from fellow users so as not to disturb others. Use of a headset is expected for patrons who listen to video or audio on personal or Library computers, and is encouraged with phone calls.

Quiet Areas

Many students come to Morris Library to study because the atmosphere helps them focus. Morris Library has several designated quiet areas, including the Reading Room and Graduate Student Research Room on the first floor and the Melva B. Guthrie Atrium on the second floor. Quiet is maintained by the users who choose to sit in these areas.

Group Study Spaces and Collaboration in Open Areas

Collaborative and group study spaces are essential for many students. Discussion as part of group work is allowed in group study rooms and designated open areas.

Group study rooms may be reserved by UD students for group collaboration.

Collaboration in Open Areas

Discussion in open areas should be at the level of normal spoken conversation, in consideration of other users nearby. Spaces for collaboration include:

  • The space on the first floor located of Morris Library just past the turnstiles with the Help Center is a space for collaboration where conversation is encouraged.
  • The Student Multimedia Design Center, located on the lower level of Morris Library, has open areas designed for collaborative group work.

University Student Code of Conduct

In addition to these guidelines, students have the responsibility to be aware of and abide by the University of Delaware Student Code of Conduct when visiting one of the Library’s locations. The UD Student Code of Conduct is a comprehensive document that contains policies and procedures regarding expectations of academic and non-academic student behavior. Please visit the UD Student Code of Conduct online.