My Library Account Support

When I try to log in to My Library Account, I receive an error message that says: “Oops. Something went wrong. We can’t sign you in because an error occurred.” Why does this keep happening?,

If you are trying to log in to My Library Account, you’ll need to use your UDelNet ID, (i.e. the portion of your UD email address prior to the @ sign), for the username instead of your UD ID#. Also, your UDelNet ID, will need to be entered all in lowercase and your email password should be entered as is.

If you find you are not even able to reach a CAS login screen, but immediately receive an error page when clicking on My Library Account, then it’s possible your UD ID# has been saved in the browser. (You can check another browser or device where your UD ID# has not yet been saved to confirm this.) If you determine that your UD ID# has been saved in the browser, then you’ll need to clear the browser cache.

I’m sure that I am typing in my UDelNet ID and e-mail password correctly, but I can’t log in.

Your UDelNet ID is the part of your e-mail address that precedes the “” For example, if your e-mail address is, enter udelnetid in the “UDelNet ID” field and your e-mail password in the “password” field. When signing in to My Library Account, you will need to enter your UDelNet ID in lowercase.

Have you changed your UDelNet ID or password within the past 24 hours? It usually takes 24 hours for these changes to go into effect; UDelNet ID changes may take up to 48 hours to be reflected in DELCAT. (Your former UDelNet ID or password should still work if you just changed them.) For information about changing your UDelNet ID or password, click here.

Are you a member of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, English Language Institute, or the spouse of a University of Delaware student, faculty, or staff member? If so, you need to contact the Morris Library Circulation and Reserve Desk through the AskCirc service to be registered for online Library services. (University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff are automatically registered for these services.) Your UDelNet ID needs to be in your Library borrower record in order for you to use My Library Account or to use Interlibrary Loan.

I have a UD Public Borrower library card. How do I log in?

Public Borrowers are unable to use authenticated online services such as My Library Account because they are not eligible to receive the UDelNet IDs these services require. Interlibrary Loan services are only available to UD ID card holders.

I’m trying to log in using my SSN and PIN, but I’m getting nowhere.

The SSN/PIN login is no longer accepted for library applications. You need to use your UDelNet ID (UNIX username) and e-mail password.

I signed in, but it just took me back to the DELCAT Discovery screen.

Has the box where you clicked to sign in changed to say “Sign Out”? If so, you have signed in successfully. You need to click on My Library Account to view your account information.

I’ve tried everything that you’ve suggested and I still can’t log in. Who can I call or e-mail about this problem?

If you are having problems using My Library Account contact the Morris Library Help Center through the AskCirc service and receive answers via email.

If you are having difficulty using the Interlibrary Loan system, contact the Interlibrary Loan Office through the AskILL service and receive answers via email.