Instructional Support

The Film & Video Collection is ready to help instructors incorporate media material into courses and help students achieve their learning goals.

Research Skills | Multimedia | Primary Sources

Research Skills

Today’s students are navigating an increasingly complex media landscape — resources from the Library’s Film & Video Collection can be incorporated into instruction, providing opportunities to evaluate and learn from a collection of media material available in physical and eVideo formats.


The Film & Video Collection provides access to over 25,000 videos on Blu-ray, DVD, and legacy formats, as well as to 100,000+ licensed eVideos via subscriptions to streaming educational media collections. Whether you need assistance making use of these technologies, or are looking to explore the rich content available, the Film & Video Collection can help by providing the space and technology for classes of 40 or fewer students to view media, and instruction on how to navigate DELCAT and streaming media databases to find audio-visual materials that will enhance your students’ learning and research.  The Library also provides a media scheduling service that will allow you to reliably incorporate physical media into your syllabus.

Primary Sources

Commercially-produced documentaries often make use of primary source material — explore Film & Video’s physical and eVideo content to identify material that will enhance your course goals.  Feel free to request assistance from the Film & Video Librarian to ensure that you find materials that suit you and your students’ needs.