Borrowing Materials

Items for loan are available to current students, faculty and staff of the University of Delaware. All IDs must be currently valid in the Library’s borrower database. Other borrower groups, including but not limited to Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, spouses, and public borrowers, have limited or no access to materials and services of the Center. The individual associated with the ID or library card is solely responsible for all materials borrowed on his or her card and is liable for overdue fines and charges for lost and damaged materials. ID cards and library cards are non-transferable.

All requests to borrow multimedia equipment need to be made by 5:00 PM at least one day prior to pickup. Requests may take three business days to fulfill, depending on availability. Borrowers will be notified by email to their UD addresses when items may be picked up. Materials can be picked up between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Multimedia Equipment Request Form

Loan Periods

Equipment Kits 7 days
Hard Drive Kits 14 days

Equality of Access

Multimedia equipment is available for loan on a first-come, first-served basis for next day pickup by using an online request form.  Borrowers returning equipment may not borrow the same kind of equipment for 72 hours.  Because equipment kits are difficult to disinfect without damage, returned equipment is quarantined for 5 days and kits formerly designated for In-Building Use Only are not being loaned.  Most multimedia equipment kits may be borrowed for seven days and may not be renewed. For UD-related purposes, a reservable kit for recording video may be requested using an online form. 

No Renewals

To encourage equal access, no kits will be renewed. To enable borrowers to complete their projects without loss of data, hard drive kits may be borrowed for 14 days.  Other multimedia equipment kits, such as laptops, iPads, cameras, microphones and tripods may be borrowed for 7 days. Kits should be returned by their due dates and similar kits may not be checked out by the same user or a member of the user’s group until 72 hours after the check-in time.  

Kit Pieces and Batteries

During the check-in and check-out process, all kit pieces will be accounted for. If a kit component is not returned with the kit, fines may accrue while the kit is unavailable for use.  Normal late fees will still apply in such cases.  In the event the missing part is not found or the user knows that the part is lost, a replacement charge and associated processing fee will be added to any accrued fines.

Rechargeable batteries are provided as a courtesy to users. All batteries provided with kits need to be returned. If anticipating moderate to heavy use of the kit, borrowers may request an extra battery or charger for kits that have these as optional items.

Overdue Equipment

Borrowers are individually responsible for keeping track of the due dates of multimedia equipment charged to their library accounts. Fines for overdue equipment are not waived due to claims of a failure to receive an emailed notice. Equipment may be returned by a person other than the borrower if the borrower is unable to personally return it. 

If equipment is not returned to the Morris Library before the due date/time, an overdue fine of 15 dollars per day, 1 dollar per day for cables, to a maximum of 165 dollars is charged. A user may also be blocked from borrowing additional Library materials if something is overdue.

Lost Equipment

If overdue equipment has not been returned by the fifteenth day after the due date, the item will be declared Lost and the borrower charged a replacement fee and a processing fee in addition to the overdue fine. When an item is declared Lost, Student Multimedia Design Center staff make efforts to contact the borrower. If after 30 days the item has not been returned, library staff may purchase a replacement. If a replacement has been purchased, the borrower will not be credited the replacement fee if an item declared Lost is returned. If a billed item is returned undamaged within 30 days, the replacement fee is waived. Processing fees are not waived since the Library has already incurred the cost of processing.

Damaged Equipment

Users will be billed for damages to equipment, unless such damages are deemed normal ‘wear and tear’ by staff. If equipment cannot be repaired, the user will be billed the cost of replacement.

Fees and Fines

No fines are collected in the Morris Library.  Fees are payable through Student Financial Services (Room 116, Student Services Building, 30 Lovett Avenue, 302-831-2126. Note that access to the building may be restricted due to COVID-19 so check the building status before going there.) 

Fees and fines are assessed consistently and are not waived. Equipment should be returned to the designated pickup/drop off point when it is staffed; do not return equipment to the Library book drop.

Student Multimedia Design Center Material Kit Replacement Costs
Replacement Fee Depends on item
Non-refundable Invoice Processing Fee $10.00
Non-Refundable Overdue Fine $165.00
Total Minimum Replacement Charge $175.00

If you have any questions concerning your library account specifically related to the Student Multimedia Design Center, please contact staff via