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Streaming Media via UD

The Media Research Guide contains links to media content available via the Web, both freely and via UD subscription.

Please note:

  • Streaming media is best used for distance education scenarios or for individual viewing.
  • Use of streaming media for classroom screenings is NOT recommended.  Network issues and other technological variables can lead to inconsistent playback, and resizing the image to fit a large screen can cause image degradation.
  • Physical media is generally the most reliable option for classroom screenings.
  • The Library’s DVD / Blu-ray / etc. collection is searchable via DELCAT Discovery.  You can search for and schedule media for future use by visiting the Film & Video Collection homepage.
  • If the Library does not own the film you wish to screen, please contact Film & Video and the Library will research its availability.  Please allow as much time as possible for this process.

Media & Copyright

The Film & Video Collection is not able to grant permissions to digitize, stream, cablecast or give public performances of moving image materials that have been purchased by the University of Delaware Library. All such rights are the property of the copyright owner(s).  The Library is granted public performance rights at the time of purchase for some materials; this information is included in the item’s DELCAT record notes field as “Includes public performance rights”.  These materials may be shown to a non-classroom audience without additional permissions provided attendees are not required to pay admission.

For information on copyright issues and other resources concerning current copyright law, go to the Copyright Research Guide and the University of Delaware Copyright Guidelines. For information on copyright issues as they pertain to media resources, please see Media & Copyright (In a Nutshell).

The Film & Video Collection is not able to conduct copyright searches or obtain permissions from copyright owners to use copyrighted works, but may provide basic distributor information for films and videos.

Film & Video Collection

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