Streaming Media

The Media Research Guide contains links to media content available via the Web, both freely and via UD subscription.

Please note:

  • Streaming media is best used for distance education scenarios or for individual, asynchronous viewing. Streaming titles should be checked prior to syllabus finalization, especially if it was created during a prior semester. (Licensing terms for most streaming media is only available on a temporary basis. Expiration dates are included in DELCAT records.)
  • Use of longform streaming media for in-person classroom screenings is generally not recommended. Network issues and other technological variables can lead to inconsistent playback, and resizing the image to fit a large screen can cause image degradation. Please test for quality prior to in-person classroom screenings.
  • Physical media is generally the most reliable option for classroom screenings. You may make prior arrangements to schedule media for future use.
  • The Library’s DVD / Blu-ray / eVideo etc. collections are searchable via DELCAT.  You can search for media for future use by visiting the Film & Video Collection homepage.
  • If you are an instructor seeking more information about incorporating streaming media into a course, please contact Film & Video for assistance.
  • If the Library does not own the film you wish to screen as an eVideo, please contact Film & Video and the Film & Video Librarian will research its availability.  Please allow as much time as possible for this process.