Proxify Button

Installing the Proxify Button on a browser’s toolbar

There may be a need to reauthenticate via the Web Proxy server. Therefore, it might be more convenient to put the desktop Proxify Button on a web browser’s toolbar. This button can be used at any time to access restricted resources. When viewing a web page that requires use of proxy service, click the Proxify button in the web browser’s toolbar.

To install the proxify button on the desktop:

  1. Make sure that Javascript is enabled in the preferred web browser.
  2. Make sure that the browser’s toolbar is visible and unlocked.
  3. Click and drag the button below onto the web browser’s toolbar:

To install a proxify bookmark on an iOS (iPads and iPhones) or Android device:

iOS does not allow the web browser toolbar to be customized as can be done on desktop web browsers. Instead, users of iOS devices can install a proxify bookmark. This bookmark approximates the functionality found on desktop web browsers. Follow these procedures to install a proxify bookmark on your iOS device. This process should also work for Android devices.