Film & Video Collection Fines

Overdue fines for films / videos / games will be $5 per day, per item with a maximum of $50 per item. Fines for hourly use will be $1 per hour, per item up to a maximum of $50.

Borrowers will be charged the cost of a replacement copy of a lost or damaged film, video, or game plus processing costs. The minimum replacement charge will be $75 per item.

Borrowers are individually responsible for keeping track of due dates and for returning or renewing library materials by the date due. Borrowing privileges may be suspended if ten or more items are overdue.

Fees are assessed via the borrower’s UDSIS account and are payable at Room 116, Student Services Building, 30 Lovett Avenue. No money is collected at the Library. If a billed item is returned undamaged prior to replacement, the replacement fee is waived. Processing fees are not waived, since the Library has already incurred the cost of processing overdue and billing notices. Borrowers will be billed for damaged library materials.


Minimum Replacement Fee (Waived if the item is promptly returned) $75.00
Non-refundable Invoice Processing Fee $10.00
Non-refundable Maximum Overdue Fine $50.00
Total Minimum Replacement charge $135.00