Open Educational Resources (OER) at UD

Open and Affordable Resources

Open and affordable educational resources are changing the way we educate, providing free or low cost access to materials that students historically have paid exorbitant prices to use. These materials include but are not limited to:

  • Textbooks
  • Ancillary materials
  • Modules & Courses
  • Multimedia (video, images, graphs)
  • Simulations

These materials often allow instructors to customize, rewrite, remix and take a deeper involvement with their course materials. Some instructors have also found great success in employing open pedagogy methods, enlisting the help of their students to create, remix or rewrite these learning tools. This greatly increases their investment and engagement in the content of their classes.

OER at UD: A Summary

The University of Delaware is proud to participate in this global initiative, and has since 2016 been committed to helping faculty members source open and low-cost learning materials for their courses.

As shared in our yearly report, positive impact on the student learning experience included:

  • To date around 2,300 students have benefitted from OER at UD.
  • Between $171,702 and $277,521 was saved on textbook and course material costs.
  • 16 courses have adopted or created open materials as a result of library outreach in this area.
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Our Partnerships

The University of Delaware is proud to showcase the work of educational colleagues in this area. Our partnerships currently include:

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Data compiled by Meg Grotti, assistant head of instruction.