Museum Galleries

Old College Gallery

Old College Gallery can be found in the heart of Old College Hall, a building with the distinction of being on the National Historic Register.  Old College Hall, dating to 1834, is located on the north campus and is among the oldest buildings at University of Delaware. The Gallery encompasses both a large and gracious main gallery and a smaller, more intimate “west” gallery. Old College Gallery typically offers between two and four different exhibitions per year. Many of the exhibitions spotlight the collections of Special Collections and Museums at University of Delaware. Location and hours

Mechanical Hall

Mechanical Hall is just steps away from Old College Hall on the north campus of University of Delaware. Built in 1898, it is on the National Register of Historic Places. Through the twentieth century Mechanical Hall served as an engineering building, an athletic training center, a residence for GI’s returning after World War II, and the campus center for ROTC. Following an award-winning renovation, Mechanical Hall reopened in 2004 as the home of the Paul R. Jones Collection of African American Art. Mechanical Hall houses a study room for use upon-request for unique teaching and viewing opportunities for faculty, students, and visiting scholars. Location and hours

Mineralogical Museum

Opened in 1971 and renovated in 2009, the Mineralogical Museum in Penny Hall displays approximately 350 specimens from UD’s renowned collection of minerals.  The founding gift for this collection given in 1964 by Irénée du Pont, whose own collection dated largely to the 1920s. Today, the collection contains approximately 3000 specimens of minerals, meteorites, gems and carvings. Exhibitions highlight fine crystallized minerals; classics from worldwide and American locations, specimens from significant recent discoveries, and themes such as crystallography and crystal growth. Location and hours