Multimedia Literacy Services

The Student Multimedia Design Center provides the following services:

Multimedia Literacy

The Multimedia Literacy program at the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press provides teaching and learning support for faculty and instructors seeking to incorporate multimedia literacy skills into their assignments. Multimedia literacy is the set of abilities that enables an individual to effectively find, interpret, evaluate, use, and create multimedia. Faculty and instructors can consult with librarians on assignment design and tap into our rich resources such as multimedia project guides, a Canvas module, and software tutorials to help students create professional multimedia projects. If you are new to multimedia assignments, explore our assignment packages for podcasts and graphic design projects to get started. 

The Student Multimedia Design Center has two classrooms, a Mac computer lab and a Windows computer lab. These rooms can be reserved by faculty to bring their classes in to work on their multimedia projects. Learn more about our reservation policies and how to book a room.

Publicity photo of Amanda McCollom

Amanda McCollom
Multimedia Literacy Coordinator

Explore our multimedia project guides to additional resources.


Consultation Services

The Student Multimedia Design Center provides consultations on many multimedia-related topics, including:

Multimedia equipment

Video production and editing

Digital mapping / GIS

Digital Photography

Graphic design

Immersive technologies

…and much more!

Consultations services are available for all current University of Delaware students, staff, and faculty at no charge. Most consultations last between 15 minutes and one hour, take place in the Student Multimedia Design Center and are arranged over email or Library chat services.

Photo of Jessica Barth

Jessica Barth
Emerging Multimedia Technologies Librarian