Group Study Room Policies

The University of Delaware Morris Library Group Study Rooms are intended for academic use by groups of two or more current University of Delaware students.  Faculty and staff members needing spaces should contact classroom scheduling or their department to find appropriate meeting spaces.

Reservations have priority. Students using a room without a valid reservation must leave when approached by a group that has a valid reservation.

Make your reservation online. Reservations can be made up to seven days in advance. Students must log in with a valid UDelNet ID and password.

Save the confirmation email. It will be used to settle disputes about who has reserved and has permission to use the room.

Arrive on time. Arrive on time to maximize use of your room reservation. (Your reservation won’t be cancelled if you’re late, but it also won’t be extended.)

If there are any belongings left in an unoccupied room, please contact the Help Center on the First Floor of the Morris Library or call  (302) 831-2455. The Lost and Found is located at the Help Center. Call (302) 831-2455 or send a message using AskCirc to inquire about lost items.

No Proctoring. Study rooms may not be reserved nor used for proctored exams by anyone.

Visibility. Study rooms spaces may not be obstructed and must be visible at all times. Doors, windows, and panels are not to be covered in any way that blocks the visibility into the room, except in the event of a lockdown.

Reserve a maximum of two hours per day up to seven days in advance. If a group needs to reserve space in multiple rooms, note that reservations are limited to a total of two hours for that day. Please be considerate of other students and reserve no more time than is actually needed. The group study rooms are very popular so please cancel reservations if space will not be needed. To cancel reservations, click the link provided in the room booking confirmation email.

Students are responsible for abiding by University policies and procedures in accordance with the student handbook. Students who abuse the Group Study Room Reservation procedures may be blocked from using the reservation system.